Exclusive interview with Special Mobility on best PRM processing practices

We speak exclusively to Special Mobility’s Frank Bod on the challenges we face with respect to the PRM passenger in airports.


Just how serious a challenge does the industry face in processing PRM passengers at present?

Wheelchair service providers are facing an increasing number of passengers that require wheelchair assistance. The providers must do the assistance in time and be passenger friendly.  

What solutions are present to combat the issues we face?

Special Mobility is manufacturing safe, durable and reliable equipment, which is innovative, cost-effective and ergonomic. Our Mobby products are designed for transport of PRM. For example: we have a good and safe Mobby transport wheelchair that can be equipped with fixations, so they can be connected to each other. Fast recollection of wheelchair is possible be moving them in a row. Our electric Mobby makes it possible to ride with 2 to 3 passenger at the same time and also collect empty wheelchairs in a row. Highly effecient, cost-effective and fun for the passengers.

Are there any shining examples of airport and service providers leading the way in this field?

Brussels Airport are using all of our Mobby products.

Omniserv is using our electric Mobby’s in combination with our Mobby wheelchairs at several UK airports, among them is London Heathrow. With the so called i-caddies Omniserv is nominated for the International Airport Review Awards 2017.

Moving forward, what do you hope the industry achieves over the next 12 months for the PRM passenger?

I hope that airports and providers will see that our Mobby products give the PRM a better experience, give the Airport a better image and give the provider a better, safer and faster service

Finally, what are the team at Special Mobility currently working on?

We are always listening to the wishes of our customers and improving our products. Currently we are trialling our Multimobby at Heathrow. This is a new vehicle designed for 7 PRM and has advanced safety features.

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