Mumbai Airport introduces ‘Integrated Security Check Points’

Mumbai International Airport has introduced unique ‘Integrated Security Check Points’ for all international and domestic passengers departing through Terminal 2.

Mumbai Airport introduces ‘Integrated Security Check Point’ for passengers

Credit: Mumbai International Airport (BOM)

With a drive to create new benchmarks using technological interventions, Mumbai International Airport (BOM) has again set a record of bringing in path-breaking innovations, this time with the introduction of an ‘Integrated Security Check Point’ at Terminal 2 (T2). For the first time across any of the Indian airports, this unique integrated security check point would witness all international and domestic passengers departing through T2, undergo common security clearance at Level 04 and move towards the designated e-gates. All the departing passengers then proceed to their respective ‘Security Holding Area’ (SHA). Mumbai Airport has been consistently working towards the adoption of solution-driven processes across the various operations throughout the airport to bring in ease of travel. The integrated security check point is a testament to the airport’s future-ready approach to airport operations and setting a precedent within the Indian aviation space.

The unique challenges witnessed at the airport daily require solutions that not just address the task at hand but also seamlessly integrate an enhanced transit experience for the passengers. In this regard, Mumbai Airport identified the opportunity to further streamline the security check-in process for both international and domestic passengers wherein for the first time, both international and domestic passengers come together for security checks at a common security checkpoint. Earlier, security check of both domestic and international passenger was carried out at Level 3 and Level 4 of T2 respectively. Post integration, both domestic and international passengers will now move through any one set of e-gates installed at 05 different locations at the pre-security check area and will be separated via validation at another set of e-gates installed post-security check. The introduction of the integrated security check-in point is an opportunity for the airport to showcase the operational efficiency that could be brought in across airports through the adoption of transformative initiatives leading to smoother passenger flow and movements.

Credit: Mumbai International Airport (BOM)

Focusing on bringing in newer technology to further enhance the passenger throughputs, Mumbai Airport has also deployed and installed the Automatic Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) at the new Integrated Security Check Point. The airport has deployed 13 ATRS – roller and sensor-based machines that are programmed to return luggage trays to the starting point after passengers collect their belongings. The retrieval systems can circulate an average of 350 sanitised trays per hour, which will not only boost the processing time of passenger baggage check but also eliminate any manual intervention of the passenger or the staff. Adding to the overall efficiency of the process of Integrated security, the installation of ATRS will also put an end to passengers’ hassle of waiting & looking around for trays since it will allow continuous circulation of the available trays. Additionally, this technology helps with security clearance of an average of 280 passengers per hour, witnessing a twofold increase from the previous average of 130 pax per hour in the conventional system. ATRS is also being deployed and installed at T1 for the convenience of passengers departing from the terminal.

Due to faster throughput, the passenger will now experience a more relaxed transit through T2 and be able to enjoy more time inside the Security Hold Area (SHA) before they finally board the aircraft.

The growing preference among the Indian passengers for air travel and the post-COVID-19 increase in traffic witnessed at Mumbai Airport further encourages the airport to continue bringing in solutions to the passengers who expect superior service quality at every step of their transit through the airport. The integrated security check point is yet another significant addition to the exceptional infrastructure capabilities at the airport facilitating the introduction of pioneering initiatives at the airport. Keeping the vision of ‘Gateway to Goodness’ alive, Mumbai Airport aims to continue to spearhead innovation and drive change within the Indian aviation landscape in a manner that caters to every need of the passenger and the industry alike.

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