Lithuanian Airports to analyse options for network master plan

Lithuanian Airports has announced a new study, which is expected to provide a master plan that will outline the development of the airport network 10 years into the future.

Lithuanian Airports to analyse options for network master plan

Credit: Lithuanian Airports

Lithuanian Airports has announced an international procurement for the analysis and preparation of the network master plan. This study is expected to provide guidelines for the development of the airport network 10 years into the future. The document will provide an overview of the current infrastructure capacity and assess the long-term prospects for expansion under different scenarios.

“In the company’s operational strategy until 2030, we have clearly defined that over the next 10 years Lithuanian Airports will develop their operations in the network of Vilnius (VNO), Kaunas (KUN), and Palanga (PLQ) Airports. This year (2022), when our company becomes a joint-stock company, additional opportunities will open up. In this context, we want to assess what opportunities exist to make even more efficient use of our existing infrastructure. The aim of this study is to have a clear assessment of the potential of each branch, a long-term development perspective, and an overview of possible alternatives,” commented Arnas Dūmanas, Head of Operations and Infrastructure Department of Lithuanian Airports.

According to Dūmanas, the analysis and strategy will focus on the specific strengths of individual airports, the expansion of flights, and the increase of capacity in passenger and cargo terminals.

The network master plan will need to include, among other components, an analysis of accessibility (ground connections to airports and their modernisation), infrastructure (modernisation of existing passenger and cargo terminals) and the environmental situation. The document will also provide a financial forecast for the long-term development period, an overview of the impact of airports on the national economy, and plans for the use of the land plots owned by Lithuanian Airports.

The study will also analyse development and modernisation alternatives for the existing Vilnius Airport arrivals terminal. The recommendations made by the consultants, together with Lithuanian architectural experts, will help to decide on future actions related to the objects with heritage protection status.

The tender involves the procurement of services for the of master plans to be provided by professional consultants. The contract with the successful tenderers is expected to be signed in the second half of 2022 and the network master plan will be ready by the summer of 2023.

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