TAV Airports Holding undergoes digital transformation

Posted: 28 February 2022 | | No comments yet

TAV Airports Holding, a leading airport operator for 15 airports across eight countries, has successfully launched a new project to accelerate the company’s digital transformation.

TAV Airports Holding undergoes digital transformation

TAV Airports Holding, has successfully undergone its HR digitalisation project / transformation.

TAV Airports Holding operates 15 airports across eight countries including: Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Croatia, and Kazakhstan, and as a member of Groupe ADP, TAV Airports is part of the leading airport management platform globally. 

Significant HR-related processes such as recruitment, performance management, talent management, and payroll can be directly controlled through a single platform that has comprehensive reporting functions. The digital transformation supports 32 different languages while offering flexible functions according to the varying needs of companies and teams. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to recommend the best possible candidate for certain positions.

TAV Airports HR Group Head, Hakan Öker commented: “Together with our subsidiary companies, we offer services in all segments of the airport management industry. The supreme reason for our success lies behind our know-how gained at 92 airports located in 26 countries and human capital. After two years of work, we started our HR digitalisation projects in 2022. We will take the advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to select the proper employees for important roles and be in line with the fast-paced world and changing expectations in an agile way. Herewith, we will improve employee satisfaction and efficiency in our operations through this data-driven decision-making process.”