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Issue 6’s Guide To… Airport Apps

13 January 2021 | By

Alongside offering passengers the ability to forward plan, check in, schedule parking and even purchase duty-free items before they arrive at the airport, airport apps have been forced to evolve to help restore passenger confidence in air travel. Articles in this Guide To explore how airports are using apps to…

How can airports limit the impact of EU-EES on border control?

6 January 2021 | By

The EU-EES imposes the secure enrolment of all Third Country Nationals (TCN) to verify the identity of each person that is entering the Schengen Area. Helping border guards focus on added-value activities thanks to biometrics and automated solutions and pre-processing API and PNR data can significantly anticipate threats and save…

Lithuanian Airports’ strategic goal

5 January 2021 | By

The year 2019 saw Lithuanian Airports support its highest number of PRMs across its network of airports, with as many as 56 per cent being satisfied with the accessibility services on offer. However, ensuring equal access to services is a priority for the operator, and Lithuanian Airports continues to work…

Issue 6’s In-Depth Focus on Sustainability

5 January 2021 | By

From reducing carbon emissions, noise levels, water usage and waste, all aspects of airport operations need to be considered with a sustainable mindset. This In-Depth Focus highlights some important changes that airports are making to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and some innovative ways to produce renewable energy to power…

MIA2GO puts passengers in the fly‑through lane

18 December 2020 | By

Ordering food and beverages at Miami International Airport is now as safe and easy as click, grab and go with MIA2GO, the airport’s new contactless mobile platform that puts customers in the fly-through lane to quickly browse menus, order and pay before making their pick-up at restaurants throughout the airport.

The New Salt Lake City Airport takes flight

17 December 2020 | By

In an interview for International Airport Review, Bill Wyatt, SLCDA’s Executive Director, explains how the new Salt Lake City International Airport will provide passengers with an entirely new experience, from curb to gate, compared to the previous airport.

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