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Trialling large-scale biometric systems

6 February 2007 | By H. Carr-Archer, Director, International Association for Biometrics (IAFB)

Great expectations burden the biometrics industry. It’s difficult to conceive of a future for air travel in which they are not relied upon for security and passenger processing, but the timescale has been hazy. All that may soon change. The UK’s largest biometric trial was recently carried out at Heathrow,…


The FBI launches a Biometric Center of Excellence to reach its “Desired Path”

16 July 2009 | By Jerome M. Pender, Deputy Assistant Director, Operations Branch for the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division

The aviation term “desired path” refers to setting a course and then following clear guidance to reach a specific objective. This simple term seemed fitting for an article about how the FBI’s work in biometrics could also bolster aviation security. Semantics aside, whether you carry a badge, pin a pair…


An approach to using biometric technologies

16 March 2005 | By Keith Rhodes, Chief Technologist, U.S. Government Accountability Office and Richard Hung  Assistant Director, Centre for Technology and Engineering

Biometric technologies offer the future of security technology, but integrating cutting-edge technology alone may not automatically solve all your security problems. Here U.S. Government experts offer an approach that may help.

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