Amadeus’ technology blocks are in place to build biometric airports

Posted: 26 October 2021 | | No comments yet

Amadeus publishes ‘Building the biometric airport’ – a report answering the practical questions airports have on why and how to introduce biometric touchpoints.

Airports want to know the real value biometrics can bring to airport operations. How will it change passengers’ perception of ‘safe travel’? How easy is it to implement? Is the trend towards biometrics a reactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic or will it be longer-lasting?

This report examines advances in digital identification technology and how Amadeus’ biometric platform has been purpose-built for the airport environment. It also looks at the positive impact biometrics can have on passenger servicing – faster processing, more security, increased satisfaction; and how it adapts to work with both agent-led and self-service touchpoints.

What’s clear is that biometrics offers a new dimension in passenger servicing; an alternative and low-touch way to experience the airport journey. And as this report illustrates, biometric processing is already possible from check-in, all the way to boarding.

Download your copy of Building the biometric airport to learn more.


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