How can pervasive broadband wireless communications optimise your airport operations?

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4 December 2019

Supported by:

4 December 2019


From take-off to landing, ground handling to the taxi stand — and every point in between — ensuring state-of-the-art services for airlines, delighting a highly mobile passenger base and addressing increasing physical and cyber-security threats are just a few of the challenges that are handled moment by moment in today’s airports. Airports navigate all these challenges, while also meeting competitive on-time metrics and aggressive revenue targets.

Yet with Industry 4.0 digital strategies and enabling technologies upon us, airports have a big opportunity to transform. This modernisation to the new digital airport will bring significant operational efficiencies and awareness; however, it also calls for a wireless communications foundation that an increasing amount of airport applications will depend on. 

Private wireless technologies (4G/5G) offer new solutions for reliable, high bandwidth, low latency connections throughout the airport operation.

This webinar covered the deployment options and private wireless solutions utilised to enhance airport operations. Real life learnings and a case study of the digital transformation of Vienna International Airport were presented by Vienna Airport.


  • What innovative airports are doing to take advantage of new digital technologies and connectivity options
  • How these technologies can make your operation more efficient and connected
  • Available business models and spectrum options
  • How private wireless connections help improve the overall airport experience for operations and passengers.


Richard van Wijk, Global Practice Lead – Aviation, Nokia

Richard van Wijk is the global aviation practice lead inside Nokia. With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications business development and consultancy, Richard has been instrumental in many projects for a number of companies like Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia: From contracting the first SDH/DWDM projects to contracting the first LTE Air to Ground Aviation project and private LTE networks for Airports in Europe.

Yuyun Yao, Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Vienna International Airport

Yuyun Yao is the head of IT operations and infrastructure at Vienna International Airport. Yuyun’s areas of expertise include strategic and operational planning of IT organisations, implementation of cyber-security response plans, developing cyber-security strategy, and designing IT-security infrastructure concepts.

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