“The Japa Syndrome” driving a younger, global-minded traveller in Nigeria: Ekelem Airhihen interview

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Watch this exclusive interview with the Assistant General Manager for Planning at Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.

In this exclusive interview with Ekelem Airhihen, Assistant General Manager for Planning at Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, we spoke about the recovery of Nigerian airports, “Japa Syndrome”, which according to Ekelem is driving a younger, more globally-minded traveller, the huge growth in travel that is predicted over the next few years and how they will manage that, plus the Single African Transport Market and how it is expected to change African aviation.

“The Economist talked about the ‘Japa syndrome’ in Nigeria, which is about the Yoruba term for ‘migration’. What has happened is that the personas of our travellers have shifted more towards young professionals who are globally-minded and then we also having them travel with their family. So we’re having a tilt in passenger personas towards that”

Ekelem is speaking at the International Airport Summit 2023 in London so be sure to book now to avoid missing out on listening to Ekelem’s thought leadership in-person and having the opportunity to ask him questions!






Ekelem Airhihen has  MBA from the Lagos Business School, Nigeria. He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Finance and IT Consultant and Airport Customer Experience Specialist. Attended training on Doing Business in a Globalised World at IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain and with London Business School ( Wheeler Institute) on African Economic History. He is also an accredited mediator.

Worked in committees of ICAN and functioned in ICAN faculty boards, Member Airport Non-aeronautical Revenue Activities of Airports Council International and aviation infrastructure policy commission of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

He has Certificate in Public Leadership and Policy from The School of Politics, Policy and Governance, Abuja; has had several trainings by Airports Council International, and is a member Nigerian Institute for Training and Development.

He is Assistant General Manager, Planning, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria with interests in strategy, policy, market research and business and data analytics, mediation and process improvement.

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