“This technology saved our lives last summer”: Milano Linate Airport’s smart security one year on

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Watch this exclusive interview with the CEO of SEA Milan Airports talking about the innovative new smart security that they have implemented in their airports.

International Airport Review Editor, Holly Miles, sat down with Armando Brunini, CEO of SEA Milan Airports to discuss Milan Linate Airport’s new state-of-the-art Explosive Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage machines installed for hand baggage screening. Together they discussed the exciting project which means passengers no longer need to remove liquids and electrical items from their hand baggage, the effect this is having on the passenger experience and throughput, as well as the benefits for airport employees and how they are looking to further innovate the security experience and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

This technology, which is already compulsory for hold luggage, has now been applied to hand baggage in Milan Linate Airport and has also been rolled out to Milan Malpensa Airport. 

Passenger satisfaction with security was one of the lowest scores the airport had according to Armando, scoring only 3.5/5, and since implementing the new technology, this has now jumped to 4.3/5 – a huge improvement.

The results have been instant and they have halved waiting times in the security queue, and in February 2023, at Linate Airport 90% of passengers took less than five minutes to pass security.

Armando went on to say that per security lane they used to process 125 passengers per hour and this now has moved to 200 at least and 250 at peak times. He also said that this investment pays back in just a few years.

“This technology saved our lives last summer,” said Armando, speaking about the airport’s inability to re-staff their security division at the level they had pre-pandemic to meet the influx of demand or the “Summer of revenge travel” as it came to be known.

The technology means that not as many staff are needed and that they can focus on more high-value tasks.

Armando went on to discuss how this investment fits in with their wider passenger experience initiatives. When they refurbished Linate security area Armando says the airport used neuroscience architects and experts to design the security area to make it less stressful, implemented new technology so they do not have to take shoes off, they have been running a pilot on biometrics called “FaceBoarding”, which ahs been successful so they hope to roll this out next year.

The CEO mentioned that they are also going to invest more in bag-drop and automation. Overall a faster and easier security experience means the passenger is less stresses, has a better experience and therefore has more dwell time, which converts into bigger spends in the Duty Free and F&B outlets before the flight. 

Watch the exclusive interview now! 

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