Challenges that airports must tackle: Voxpop with Maurice Jenkins

Posted: 1 December 2022 | | No comments yet

Maurice Jenkins gives his view on what airports must tackle to improve the passenger experience.

At Future Travel Experience Global 2022 in Las Vegas, we asked Maurice Jenkins, Head of Digital Strategy and Chief Innovation Officer, Miami International Airport the question “What is your personal passenger experience highlight this year?” Maurice said it was coming through Paris CDG Airport as he has never seen that much traffic or passenger flow in one airport. Maurice said that normally it might take him 45 minutes to get through check-in but this time it took him over 90 minutes. It was good to see that people obviously have cabin fever and want to get out and travel, however Maurice sees that there are a combination of challenges that we need to tackle. Maurice is not sure that airports planned properly for this rebound of traffic. Some concessions are still not open, where did all the people go? Where’s the tech and innovation that would augment these issues?

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