International Airport Review’s key takeaways from ACI WAGA 2022

It was a pleasure attending the ACI WAGA 2022 in Marrakech, watch this short video for the Editors’ key takeaways.

After attending the Airports Council International (ACI) Africa / World Annual General Assembly, Conference, and Exhibition (WAGA) 2022 in Marrakech, International Airport Review Editor, Holly Miles and Editorial Assistant Lily Mae Pacey share their thoughts on the conference and their key takeaways.

For Holly, it is the potential of the African aviation market. This is a growth market which is currently not living up to its full potential. If African countries open to their borders to one another “amazing things will happen” as one ACI WAGA speaker put it.

For Lily Mae, workforce was a big topic, we need to work together as an industry to attract and retain the next generation of airport workers and make it an attractive place to work. “It’s not we or them, it’s us” was the main takeaway that Lily Mae liked and she look forward to seeing the next generation coming up through the workforce and seeing them at events and on panel sessions. IAR is very much looking forward to the ACI WAGA 2023 in Barcelona!

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