Podcast: Episode 2 – Roberto Castiglioni

Posted: 1 November 2019 | | No comments yet

For International Airport Review’s second podcast in its new series, Tara Nolan spoke to Roberto Castiglioni, investigating the aviation industry’s attitude towards passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs).

Exploring differing perspectives in regard to PRM requirements, Roberto and Tara discuss where the industry is at today in regard to accessibility, the need for airports to adapt to ensure all passengers are catered for, and what stands in the way of airports achieving this goal. Culture, regulations, mindset and infrastructure are just some of the challenges that must be met.

Roberto – an expert in this field – offers examples of successfully-implemented accessibility initiatives and advice on how this can be further improved, because although “a lot of airports are doing great things, no one is doing it all”.

The next generation of PRMs will be tech savvy and, as Roberto mentions in this podcast, they “will know what they want”. With PRM expectations changing, more work needs to be done if we are to secure the “airport of the future”. Collaboration is essential for this and therefore open and frank discussions on the topic – like this podcast episode – are essential to guarantee progress.

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