Episode 10 – David Wilson

David Wilson, Chief Operations Officer of Oman Airports, spoke to Holly Miles about the impact the pandemic has had on their airports, the ORAT programme and how they have sought to achieve operational excellence.

In this podcast episode which marks the relaunch of our podcast series International Airport Review Editor, Holly Miles, interviews David Wilson, Chief Operations Officer of Oman Airports. 

David gives an overview of the Middle Eastern market in which Oman Airports operate as well as his role as COO which he says is the process of “translating the strategic objectives of the organisation into operational and tactical projects, to ensure the safe and efficient flow of passengers through our airports.”

Together, David and Holly discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Oman Airports and the Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition (ORAT) programme and preparedness for the future operation of New Muscat International Airport, which David was responsible for and how the same principles can be applied to airports scaling up operations after COVID-19.