Salvador Bahia Airport expansion project reaches milestone

The expansion project at Salvador Bahia Airport is less than 100 days from completion and already 85 per cent of the project is complete.

Salvador Bahia Airport expansion project reaches milestone

Launched in April 2018, the expansion and modernisation works of Salvador Bahia Airport has been moving forward successfully, with a large number of improvements already achieved.

The works, conducted in synergy with Actemium (subsidiary of VINCI Énergies), are divided into two phases. The first phase of Salvador Bahia Airport’s modernisation and expansion works will be delivered on 31 October 2019; this phase will include 90 per cent of the project, notably, the expansion of the passenger terminal, the construction of a new pier, the installation of a new baggage handling system and new client services, including a free and high-speed Wi-Fi network. Phase 1 also includes an ambitious environmental plan that goes beyond contractual requirements: Construction of a solar plant, implementation of a new Solid Waste Plant and reuse water system or LED relamping in all newly renovated areas.

The remaining 10 per cent of the revamping programme will be completed during the second phase, which will run through 31 October 2021.

The works being carried out illustrate VINCI Airports’ commitment to positively impact Salvador’s and overall Bahia’s economic, touristic and social development. These will also optimise operations, bring more comfort and improve passenger experience.

Currently, the expansion project includes:

  • Expansion of the passenger terminal by 22,000m2
  • Modernisation of bathrooms and changing rooms

  • Renovation of nine sets of toilets and drinking fountains and the construction of 15 new air-conditioned sets (four of which have already been delivered)

  • Installation of new baggage handling and security control systems

  • Expansion of the aircraft apron area

  • Requalification of the main track 

  • Improvements in the cooling/ventilation system

  • New fire detection and fire-fighting system (not foreseen in the Concession Agreement)

  • Implementation of a new Solid Waste Plant and reuse water system (not foreseen in the in the Concession Agreement)

  • Construction of a new pier, with six new boarding bridges

  • Construction of a solar plant to supply the airport with a capacity equivalent to up to 58,000 households (not foreseen in the Concession Agreement)

  • Renovation of all power substations with modern and automatic panels and the acquisition of new generator sets, bringing more reliability to the system (not foreseen in the Concession Agreement).