Airports prepare for high summer demand

Airport Operators Association, Chief Executive Karen Dee has commented on the publication of the UK ‘Government 22-point’ plan to help ensure resilience within aviation this upcoming summer.

Airports prepare for high summer demand

The UK government have outlined the 22 measures they are taking to support the aviation industry and minimise passenger disruption, despite the majority of UK flights continuing to be on time and without disruption. However, some passengers have faced significant disruption, which has also occurred in the aviation sector across Europe and globally. The outcome for too many consumers has been unacceptable.

Here are a few of the 22 measures the government is currently taking to support the aviation industry, including:

  • To help recruit and train staff
  • Ensure the delivery of a realistic summer schedule
  • Minimise disruption
  • Support passengers when delays and cancellations are unavoidable.

The UK government also recognises that these issues are primarily for industry to solve, but this series of targeted measures will support their efforts.

Commenting on the publication of a Government 22-point plan on summer resilience within aviation, Airport Operators Association (AOA) Chief Executive Karen Dee commented: “While the vast majority of passengers across the UK are getting away on their travels with minimal disruption, airports recognise the impact any delay or disruption can have on passengers. That is why we share government’s ambitions to ensure passengers can enjoy smooth and safe journeys through the summer.

“Airports are working hard to prepare for this: recruitment campaigns for security staff are ongoing and progressing well, with more staff being deployed as they finish their training and security vetting. They are also working closely with airlines, the companies managing check-in and baggage on behalf of airlines as well as the government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to alleviate any delays where they do occur and to support others in the industry who are coping with staff shortages.

“By working closely together in this way, we aim to deliver the service that passengers have rightly come to expect of UK aviation.”

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