ACI awards Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 to Istanbul Airport

Posted: 25 February 2021 | | No comments yet

Following Istanbul Airport’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and continue operations in line its sustainability principles, ACI Europe has awarded the airport with Level 1 of the ACA programme.

ACI awards Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 to Istanbul Airport

Credit: Istanbul Airport

As Turkey’s gateway to the world, Istanbul Airport (IST) has been awarded with an international certificate as a result of its efforts to manage and reduce its carbon footprint as part of its environment and sustainability programme. The airport, which has fulfilled its obligations within the framework of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme commenced by Airports Council International (ACI) Europe in 2009, has obtained a Level 1 ‘Mapping’ carbon management certificate, thereby joining the global community of climate-smart airports.

Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of İstanbul Grand Airport (​​​​​​İGA), said: “The subject of sustainability is at the very heart of all of the processes at Istanbul Airport. While continuing our operations in line with our environmental and sustainability principles, we are also making the utmost effort to protect the balance of the climate. This international certificate, which we have been awarded, is an important indicator of our sensibility on the subject of carbon emissions.”

“We currently do not have a data history of previous years when it comes to the carbon footprint. Therefore, we have been entitled to receive the Level 1 carbon emission certificate. But, we have a long way to go. I have no doubt that we will receive the certificates of Levels 2, 3 and 4 upon accumulating three years of data history. As İGA, we are determined to minimise our impact on the climate by reducing our carbon footprint at Istanbul Airport. We optimise our energy consumptions which cause greenhouse gases through our effective energy management system and continually improve it through our productivity-related activities. Since its opening, we have accomplished bringing important aviation standards and aviation into life in a short time, and our aim is to take the lead in the development and progress of the aviation industry from now on. We will continue our activities as a ‘climate-smart’ airport, within the framework of our environmental and sustainability policies,” he added.

ACI Europe‘s General Director, Olivier Jankovec, said: “It is my pleasure to congratulate Istanbul Airport for achieving Level 1! Ever since its opening two years ago, Istanbul Airport has consistently delivered operational excellence and superior customer service, becoming, in no time, a reference amongst global hubs. Seeing the airport now joining the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme is part of that drive for excellence – and the fact that this is happening amid the worst crisis ever experienced by the aviation sector should be met with praise. We all know that we cannot wait for the health crisis to abate to address the climate emergency. At the same time, reducing carbon emissions comes at a cost that cannot be absorbed easily in normal circumstances, not to mention the current financial devastation faced by airports across Europe and beyond. Today’s news of Istanbul Airport’s successful accreditation exemplifies the continued commitment to climate action by the airport industry – a commitment that the sector doesn’t take lightly and that shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

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