AI-powered chatbot welcomed into Vienna AirportCity

Posted: 17 September 2020 | | No comments yet

Anyone visiting the Vienna AirportCity will now have access to a chatbot providing real-time answers to questions regarding COVID-19.

Vienna AirportCity welcomes AI-powered chatbot

Vienna Airport has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service – Bebot – in the Vienna AirportCity.

All visitors at the Vienna AirportCity will have instant access to the chatbot, which provides real-time answers to user questions regarding COVID-19, facility information and directions in the Vienna AirportCity. Bebot also helps gather user insights, enabling Vienna AirportCity to identify trends and opportunities for improvement at the airport.

The language-understanding technology was customised to help passengers get immediate guidance on when COVID-19 testing is needed and where it can be obtained at Vienna AirportCity, and engage with users to provide answers to their questions and concerns during the pandemic. In addition, Bebot will provide Vienna AirportCity with a digital guidance system. The use of the digital guidance system, including AI, saves significant costs when compared to implementing an analogue version and lays the foundation for future services to be based on it.

“We are thrilled to add Vienna AirportCity to our platform. Travellers across the world have told us how much they enjoy receiving instant and reliable information, and we are excited to make Bebot available in Europe for the first time,” said Akemi Tsunagawa, Bespoke’s Founder and CEO.

With the launch of chatbots across airports and governments, the use of AI technology by residents and travellers is set to significantly expand across the globe.

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