Google Assistant’s interpreter mode installed at JFK Airport’s Terminal 4

The Google feature provides real-time language translation to international passengers, with 29 languages currently supported.

Google assistant at JFK

John F. Kennedy International Airport’s (JFK) Terminal 4 has announced a new partnership with Google and the installation of the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode, providing real-time translation technology that can be utilised by international passengers travelling through the terminal.

The new installation of the feature makes Terminal 4 the first air terminal in the world to provide access to the technology.

The interpreter mode currently supports the translation of any conversation in 29 languages, including English, French, Spanish and Mandarin. Passengers can utilise the technology through Google Nest Hubs placed at the Welcome Centre in the Arrivals Hall, as well as at the post-security information booth and help desk located in the retail lounge.

Google Assistant

President and CEO of JFKIAT (the operator of Terminal 4), Roel Huinink, said: “Terminal 4 is widely regarded as the international gateway to New York City, with more than 21 million passengers travelling through the terminal each year – the majority of whom are international travellers. We are delighted to partner with Google to bring the Assistant’s innovative technology to our customers and make their experience more seamless and efficient as they travel through the terminal.”

The interpreter mode provides employees at Terminal 4 with simpler, faster and more effective translation and communication capabilities. The technology can be used to help customers locate luggage, navigate the terminal, find concessions and locate ground transportation.

The introduction of the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is JFKIAT’s most recent effort to bring innovative technology into the terminal and, subsequently, enhance the customer experience. Other recent efforts include the introduction of biometric boarding at several international gates throughout the terminal and providing passengers suffering from sight difficulties with instant access to enhanced visual information and real-time service in order to help them navigate the terminal comfortably. The terminal also welcomed CLEAR, a new technology that allows passengers to verify their identity and board their flights with a retina or fingerprint scan.

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