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Issue 3 2017


Stakeholder collaboration

21 July 2017 | By

It is a well-known fact that ground operations is a ‘hub’ function, interconnecting and impacting almost every aspect of the aviation industry. This has often been overlooked, but savvy airlines have come to realise that there is a vast and often untapped competitive advantage to be had in improving their…

Tackling the hidden airport security risks

31 May 2017 | By

As airports strive to increase their capacities and improve the traveller experience with new and improved passenger and cargo terminals, it’s important that safety and security isn’t overlooked. Steven Thompson, Specialised Protective Services Development Manager at Securitas UK, considers how we can tackle the hidden security risks when it comes…

The challenges with passenger terminal construction

28 May 2017 | By

An airport passenger terminal is an extremely complex building; containing a multitude of precisely interlinked functions defined by various stakeholders. Terminal operator expectations and requirements are high and demanding – the building must display architectural proficiency and identity without suffering any loss in functionality and passenger comfort. Mehmet Emin Çakirkaya,…

In-depth Focus – Construction and Design: Correct facilitation

24 May 2017 | By

Serving 44 million passengers in 2016 and experiencing six per cent year-on-year growth, Toronto Pearson International Airport is a rapidly expanding global hub. To keep pace with this growth, the airport’s terminal facilities have been frequently redeveloped. Manager of Terminal Development and Activation, Paul Schenk, discusses the airport’s systematic transition…

Safety In-Depth Focus 2017

11 May 2017 | By

From ensuring airport fire and rescue services are optimal, to redefining operational aerodrome safety management systems, to keeping the skies above us safe and secure even with the pressure of increased air traffic – safety is a key issue in all areas of airport operations...

Ground Handling In-Depth Focus 2017

11 May 2017 | By

With global air traffic continuing to rise and passengers placing an increased focus on on-time performance, the pressure on ground handling procedures has never been greater. By making these vital operations more efficient, airports and airlines can enhance safety, streamline manoeuvres and reduce operating costs...

Construction & Design In-Depth Focus 2017

11 May 2017 | By

With numerous interlinked functions, designed and operated by various stakeholders, passenger terminals are extremely complex buildings. Airports spend a lot of time and money on redeveloping their facilities and functionalities to ensure passenger comfort, operational performance and the security of the terminal are optimal. 

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