Green Furniture Concept


We’re making places matter

Green Furniture Concept create public space interiors, bringing sustainable seating and lighting design to the core of urban placemaking. Our portfolio ranges from transportation hubs and healthcare centres to school campuses and retail complexes. We work closely with architects, facility managers and industry stakeholders to create customised interiors, making sure they meet the needs of all the people they serve. From our offices in Scandinavia and North America, we’ve become internationally recognised as pioneers of sustainable design. We’re working to make world-positive impact, and show the industry why making places really matters.

We’re working for the greater good

Our approach is to reimagine public spaces and their value to the communities they serve. Passionate about placemaking, designing experiences is an essential part of the public interiors we create. That’s what inspires us to revitalise existing environments, connect consumers to their surroundings and protect the planet along the way. It’s why we’re committed to bringing beauty to sustainability, and to designing furniture that lasts as long as the buildings they live in. We’re creating a new standard for public space, and working for a world where making places really matters.