Interview spotlight: Johan Berhin, Green Furniture Concept

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Johan Berhin, Designer and Founder of Green Furniture Concept talks to International Airport Review about what passengers are now expecting from their airports that they visit and how airports can elevate their passenger experience to new heights.

Green furniture concept


What are the new expectations of passengers in this new era of travel?

A lot of efforts on the passenger experience will be needed now after the pandemic, and the following baggage handling and flight cancellation problems that were followed by many airports this past summer. To regain passenger confidence, the next journey must be a walk in the park, literally and figuratively speaking. Basic functions and flow need to work, be easy and predictable, and the terminal environment needs to be surprisingly nice.

What do passengers expect of an airport space or the airport experience?

That walk in the park, can destress the situation and make you relax and feel good. The quickest and most cost-efficient answer to that spells biophilic design, this means green plants, natural materials and shapes in the architecture. No time or budget to rebuild the terminals for this though, but the same effect can be obtained by biophilic, architectural furniture creating an overnight positive change.

How can intelligent furniture design help meet these needs?

Basic functions such as charging, both over USB and wireless, make the journey easier and less stressful. Also, in-seat orders and deliveries of F&B add to services that make life easy for the passengers and at the same time even out the pedestrian flow and solve capacity problems of servings areas.

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