International Airport Review Awards 2018

Submissions are now open! You have until 21 June to submit your entry.

International Airport Review’s Awards are unique in being the only independent awards to recognise and reward excellence within the global airport and aviation industry. These awards, designed for airports and suppliers alike, recognise the significant impact best practice and innovative solutions can have on improving the operations of an Airport.

Why enter International Airport Review’s Awards?

  • Win a prestigious award
  • Gain recognition with the global airport community
  • Highlight the effectiveness of your initiative/solution
  • Be part of a network of experts within the industry
  • Increase your airports/companies profile, globally

Awards Process

Process Overview

Submission Process

Starts: 28 March 2018 | Ends: 21 June 2018

The first step is to put forward your case. Simply visit the ‘How to Enter’ section above for more information. Should you have any questions about the submission process, please refer to the ‘FAQ’ section above, or email Jonathan Russell ([email protected]).

Voting Process

Starts: June 2018 | Ends: August 2018

When all entries are in, International Airport Review will open the process up to our members and fellow industry professionals. Last year, we received over 70,000 votes from professionals based in no less than 156 countries … which we think is pretty good going considering there are only 196 countries in the world; 5 of which don’t even have airports! (Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Vactican City, since you were asking).

Shortlist Announcement

Takes Place: October 2018

For each category, we will select a shortlist of three exceptional entrants, based upon votes received and the opinions of our team of aviation experts. All submissions shortlisted will be published online and promoted to our audience. If your submission is shortlisted, you may be contacted by a member of our editorial team should we require any additional information about your submission.

Winners Announcement

Takes Place: December 2018

All Winners will be announced online and in our final issue of the year; International Airport Review Issue #6 2018. Winners will be notified four weeks prior to the official public announcement, providing sufficient time to prepare marketing materials.

Award Categories

Click on each of the categories below to reveal more details:

Airside Operations

Open to: Airports and suppliers

Criteria: Entrants must put forward solutions that can be shown to have directly improved the performance of an airport’s airside operations. This might be through cutting costs or man hours, improving safety for ground staff or facilitating on-time performance. Applicants should be aware that empirical evidence to support their entry will be looked upon extremely favourably by the judges. To see last year’s winner, click here.

Air Traffic Control/Management

Open to: Airports and suppliers

Criteria: IAR’s judges will be looking for systems and solutions which can be shown to directly improve the performance of an airport’s air traffic control or air traffic flow management. These might be cutting-edge technological solutions or innovative structural changes that have increased traffic flow, under normal or abnormal conditions, or improved flight safety. Efficiency is key with this category, but not at the expense of safety. Once again, we will want to see empirical evidence to support applications. Find out more about last year’s winner here.

Design Project of the Year

Open to: Airports

Criteria: Airports which have cut the ribbon on a new build, however big or small, in the last two years can put forward their project in this category. Winning builds will be architecturally innovative and tasteful, looking to the future with environmentally friendly features. Ideally, projects will have been delivered on time and on budget with a statement to that effect. Find out more about last year’s winner here.

Environmental Awareness

Open to: Airports and suppliers

Criteria: This category is open to applicants who have minimised their environmental impact through schemes and projects in the last two years. It might be that the entry has cut their carbon emissions, waste or noise levels. Entries supported by evidence of the success of their solutions will be prioritised. If the applicant is a supplier, they should try to show how their solution has been successfully implemented. Accreditation or environmental awards are not enough to succeed in this category. See Gatwick’s award-winning entry here.

Security Solution

Open to: Suppliers

Criteria: IAR’s judges are looking for ground-breaking, innovative solutions which, whether through technology or systematic changes, have shown the potential to dramatically improve airport security. Entries will be prioritised if they can show they have kept up to speed with the latest changes in threats and challenges facing aviation.

Technological Solution of the Year

Open to: Suppliers

Criteria: Suppliers can put forward solutions or products that have drastically improved the way in which an airport or airports operate. IAR is open to a range of applications in this category, from a new product to aiding foreign object detection through to a new way of measuring passenger flow or baggage handling. Again, we need to see how the entry has improved things at an airport(s) and the best way to do this is through numbers; show us how what you are putting forward has worked in practice.

Terminal Operations

Open to: Airports and suppliers

Criteria: Judges are looking for solutions which can be shown to have directly improved the performance of an airport’s terminal operations. This might be through cutting down on man hours required to perform a certain task, saving money or improving safety of passengers and staff landside. Empirical evidence will create a more favourable application. To see last year’s winner, click here.

Revenue Generation

Open to: Suppliers

Criteria: This category is for the non-aeronautical revenue creators. We want products and solutions which aid airports boost their turnover in this increasingly important and changeable area. This turnover can come from anywhere on the airport grounds, be that outside in the carpark or at the boarding gate. Applicants should be able to show statistics to prove as far as possible how their product or solution has increased non-aeronautical revenues at an airport.

Passenger Experience and Seamless Travel - Airports

Open to: Airports

Airports should be able to demonstrate how changes implemented in the last two years have improved their passengers’ experience from the moment they wake up and head to the airport until they are walking down the jet bridge to board their flight. This might be through the implementation of mobile technology, improved signage, the creation of more comfortable waiting areas or anything that smooths a passenger’s ride. We are also interested in this category with seamless travel solutions – ideas, products and schemes that have reduced friction in the traveller’s journey. For these entries we will want to see evidence of reduced waiting times or queuing.

Passenger Experience and Seamless Travel - Suppliers

Open to: Suppliers

Criteria: Suppliers should provide examples of how their products and solutions have improved passengers’ experience from the moment they wake up and head to the airport until they are walking down the jet bridge to board their flight. This might be through the implementation of mobile technology, improved signage, the creation of more comfortable waiting areas or anything that smooths a passenger’s ride. We are also interested in this category with seamless travel solutions – ideas, products and schemes that have reduced friction in the traveller’s journey. For these entries we will want to see evidence of reduced waiting times or queuing.

Visionary of the Year

Open to: Airports and Suppliers

Criteria: This is a category for the trailblazers. Visionary of the Year is presented to an individual or an organisation that has created a technology – be that physical product, digital solution or system – which will shake up the status quo in the years to come. It could be a new app aimed at passengers or staff, an autonomous vehicle or something altogether brand new to the industry. To be in with a chance of winning, the solution should have come to market in the last 18 months or be launching imminently.

Airport of the Year

Open to: By invitation only

Criteria: Airport of the Year is very much the editor’s award. International Airport Review will be the judges of this category, selecting just one from the many airports that have piqued its interest this year. We will be looking for airports that have bucked trends, innovated and inspired – much like the team at International Airport Review.

Best Employer of the Year

Open to: Airports

Criteria: This award recognises airports that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of its employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce making an airport a happy place to have a career. Entrants should provide evidence but are given a degree of free rein as to how this is provided. It might come from staff testimonials, turnover rates or satisfaction scores but need not stop there.

How to Enter

How to Enter

Step 1: Complete our submission form (download here)

Step 2:  Produce a word document for each entry containing a title (max. 30 words) and overview (400 – 1,200 words) that best describes your submission. You may also supply supporting documentation, such as case studies or videos.

Step 3: Email completed submission form and supporting documentation to Jonathan Russell: [email protected]

Please note: Where supporting documentation exceeds 20MB, please send these separately via as our email servers will not accept such large attachments.

Entry Requirements

  • Your entry must be no more than 1,200 words and no less than 400 words.
  • All entries must be written in proper English.
  • All material may, or may not, be published unless otherwise told in writing, at the time of submission.
  • Assessors look for evidence of achievement, not of company PR or product marketing and submissions that are sales or marketing oriented will get filtered out.
  • You may include up to three photos/videos/case studies to support your entry, please send these as attachments with your original entry.
  • The judging reserve the right to amend category selections where appropriate.
  • The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into before or after the judging, unfortunately it is not possible to provide feedback.
  • Entries received after the final closing date will not be accepted.

For any queries, please refer to the FAQ section, or contact Jonathan Russell ([email protected]).



Right at the start outline what’s unique about your submission and why you deserve the award for the category entered. Assume no prior knowledge so try as much as possible to explain clearly what your submission is about and what issue(s) it has been able to resolve. Make sure you explain all abbreviations used and provide evidence of your performance / claims. Remember as well to outline what improvements you’ve achieved over current best practice or alternative technologies.

Is there a cost to enter?

Entering is totally free of charge

Who can enter?

Any Airport/Supplier/Agency is welcome to enter the awards within the appropriate category

Can I enter more than one category?

You can enter as many categories that you feel appropriate to your organisation. However, you must provide evidence to how your submission is relevant to each separate category

Can I be shortlisted in more than one category?

Each entry is judged on its individual merit.

Is there a physical/live award ceremony?

There will be no physical/live ceremony. All shortlisted organisations and winners will be announced in International Airport Review and online with significant exposure

What do the Winners receive?

Apart from significant exposure to the global airport industry, winners will receive a trophy, a winner’s logo, and full write up online and in International Airport Review

What is the judging process?

All submissions will be subject to a voting process, by International Airport Review’s members and the wider airport industry.

This will significantly influence the shortlist.

The shortlist will then be presented to the judging panel, who will then decide on a winner

Who is on the judging panel?

The judging panel will compromise of the editorial team at International Airport Review, members of International Airport Review’s advisory board, and a select number of independent expert industry personnel.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

2017 Winners

2017 Winners

Click on each of the categories below to reveal the 2017 winners:

Airside Operations - Hong Kong International Airport

Airport Airside Operations Award winnersEverything that happens once you’ve passed through security, an airport’s airside (although not the most visible sector to the passenger) is crucial and often fraught with challenges.

And the winner is… Hong Kong International Airport

The time it takes to inspect airfield lights at Hong Kong International is down by 87 per cent due to a newly-developed automated machine. This commitment to using technology to streamline operations is exactly what International Airport Review was looking for in our Airside Operations winner.

Runners up:

  • BBHS
  • Leidos

Air Traffic Control - NATS

Air Traffic Control Award winnerThe ATC industry is about directing aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace and providing advisory services to aircraft in non-controlled airspace. To keep our industry safe and operational, ATM should not be underestimated.

And the winner is… NATS

NATS set about solving one of the biggest challenges to ATC – the effect of wind on landing rate. Their five-year research project and time-based separation (TBS) system meant 62 per cent fewer headwind-related delays at Heathrow.

Runners up:

  • PT Angkasa Pura II
  • Swiss International Airlines

Construction and Design - Brisbane Airport

Construction and Design Award winnerFrom designing to developing, and building to becoming operational, creating our world’s airports and ensuring they are equipped with the technology necessary to operate is a gargantuan task.

And the winner is… Brisbane Airport

To resurface one of the world’s busiest runways without causing any operational is no mean feat. Brisbane Airport managed to achieve this within six months through intense planning and organisational adeptness.

Runners up:

  • Chicago Rockford International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Environmental Awareness - Gatwick Airport

Airport Environmental Awareness Award WinnerOur physical environment is fragile and indispensable – demonstrating environmental awareness is about starting to fix the problems threatening our surroundings and showcasing best practice.

And the winner is… Gatwick Airport

Gatwick’s list of achievements in this field is impressive to say the least. As such, there was no one thing that won it, but a combination including cutting water consumption, increasing recycling and bringing in charges for noisy aircraft.

Runners up:

  • Hamad International Airport
  • Minneapolis – St Paul International

Security - Heathrow Airport

Airport Security Award winnerFrom guarding the perimeters, to tracing and tracking passengers, to screening travellers, staff , equipment and baggage, to protecting cyber assets; the security sector in the airport world is never-ending and always imperative.

And the winner is… Heathrow Airport 

In a competitive field, Heathrow impressed us by bringing in a mixture of technological and systematic solutions to their security challenges. They cut the need for manual handling by officers by 70 per cent, increased Terminal 5 South’s capacity by 12 per cent and improved flow rates from 144 passengers/lane/hr to 165.

Runners up:

  • Budapest Airport
  • Synectics

Technological Solutions - IATA

Airport Technological Solutions Award winnerA technological fix, technical fix, technological shortcut or solutionism is about using engineering or technology to solve a problem – a necessity in today’s airport environment.

And the winner is… IATA

IATA put forward a solution to the challenges of airside operations training using virtual reality (VR). This solution addresses challenges of space and availability whilst giving trainees an opportunity to experience situations they may not get a chance to in traditional tutoring.

Runners up:

  • Avtura
  • ICM Airport Technics

Terminal Operations - NIIT Technologies

Airport Terminal Operations Award winnerThe reception, processing, and movement of passengers is all encompassed under the ‘terminal operations’ umbrella. Processes in this category are vital to the efficiency of an airport.

And the winner is… NIIT Technologies

Ten major Indian airports have benefitted from a collaboration between NIIT Technologies and SITA. NIIT Technologies optimised operations in a range of ways including boosting on-time performance by 19 per cent at Chennai Airport and paving the way for airport collaborative decision making.

Runners up:

  • Amorph Systems
  • Gatwick Airport

Revenue Generation - Concessionaire Analyzer +

Airport Revenue Generation Award winnerFrom airport charges to non-aeronautical revenue streams, generating the income to sustain our modern-day airports is challenging. This category is about thinking outside the box.

And the winner is… Concessionaire Analyzer +

Concessionaire Analyzer + developed a platform through which airports can analyse all their non-aeronautical assets from one point. It cuts the man hours required to invoice concessions and allows operators to manage their assets in real time.

Runners up:

  • BLIP Systems
  • Brisbane Airport

Passenger Experience - Perth Airport

Airport Passenger Experience Award winnerPassenger experience is about utilising available services and processes to provide the customer with an easy, enjoyable and functional journey through the airport.

And the winner is… Perth Airport

Perth’s AU$1 billion redevelopment has seen it climb right to the top of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s rankings last year. It has revolutionised its image and facilities to become worthy of the title Gateway to Western Australia.

Runners up:

  • Las Vegas McCarran Airport
  • PT Angkasa Pura II

Contact Us

Contact Us

For all enquiries about the 2018 Awards please email Jonathan Russell at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1959 563 311.

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