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Revolutionary cloud-based software to optimize the airport Security Check-point operation



The Better Security software solution ensures the right staff in the right location and the right time!

Since forming Copenhagen Optimization in late 2014, we have been working with major airports across the globe delivering significant benefits. This includes a 51% reduction in security wait times at Geneva International Airport, an 18% efficiency gain in check-in and baggage at Toronto Pearson, and a 10% increase in security staff efficiency at Dublin Airport. Soon after forming Copenhagen Optimization, we started our journey towards creating the best airport planning solution in the world – Better Airport® – and the first part of our journey has been successful. We are now live in multiple airports and the roadmap for the future development of Better Airport® matches the requirements of airports globally when it comes to optimization of the terminal operation.

So, why are we different from the other companies in the market? First and foremost, we have a solid background from planning, plan execution, and plan evaluation of the airport operation with our core team having a background from central planning functions at Copenhagen Airport. We believe that these insights are critical to successfully building our software solution. Better Airport® is built for the airport operation with a clear focus on being able to accurately cover the airport operation of any airport in the world. From a technical perspective, we are using the most recent technology advances securing a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform – easily accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobiles – and in line with the latest IT security standards. We have invested heavily in user experience, simplifying and streamlining the planning process. Add to that the fact that Better Airport® encompasses all users and the full planning horizon, meaning that users experience a similarity across all parts of Better Airport®.

Better Security is a dedicated module within Better Airport® allowing airports and staff providers to plan the all security check-point operation in a single platform. Unanticipated queues are a thing of the past as the checkpoint operation is simulated to precision ahead of day of operation. This allows the entire team to plan the security operation all the way from budgeting to execution and to performance evaluation.

When it comes to the implementation of our solution, our airport planning experts are focused on working with the airport team to calibrate Better Airport®. We are a joint consultancy and software company within airport operations, meaning that our airport planning experts are used to solving planning challenges in day-to-day airport operations. This assures the airport that we have the essential deep understanding of the planning challenges that the airport faces now and in the future. In combination with calibration of Better Airport®, we fully expect to uncover options for the improvement of the current operation in cooperation with our airport clients, further adding value to the operation as well as strengthening the airport’s own planning expertise.

A key differentiator of our solution is the level of automation and optimization that we have built-in while assuring that the user still maintains control. This has reduced the time it takes to create a weekly plan in London Luton Airport by 89% to only 20 minutes and reduced time to plan in other airports by more than 75%. Additionally, our solution includes a machine learning element assuring that the generated operational plans are self-correcting in case of deviations in the input parameters.

Flexibility in our solution architecture is important and Better Airport® is based on a set of different calculation engines. These engines have been combined to create the current Better Airport® solution. With our engines, we have the possibility to create new models and cater for new rules and thus we match the expectations from airports globally well in this regard.

Also, Better Airport® is built with flexible APIs allowing us to easily integrate to upstream and downstream solutions.

The key benefits of the Better Security solution:

  • Lower peak demand for security staff
  • Full transparency of the checkpoint operation
  • Easy access for all relevant users
  • Elimination of manual processes through automation
  • Data transfer from forecasting system and to staff planning system
  • Robust enterprise tool – reduces dependency on individuals and Excel

What our clients say about Better Security and from working with us:

“The innovative methods applied allow us to plan our security operations more effectively while offering a stable high performance and low waiting time to our passenger at any unchanged cost.” – Robert Deillon, CEO, Geneva Airport

“The structured & systematic approach that CopOpt applied to this project, quickly delivered key insights & a realistic data driven roadmap for change and improvement.” – Gerry Luttrell, Head of Airport Security Planning & Performance Management Dublin Airport Authority

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