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Posted: 13 August 2018 | | No comments yet Automate, Optimize & Elevate Non-Aeronautical Revenues   As a company, Pathfinder is a 25 year old multinational firm based out of Dubai. We are an innovative solutions provider enabling digital transformation of Retail, Shopping Centres and International Airports globally. A niche segment leader, our clients include 75 shopping centres, 6 International airports, which include […]

Automate, Optimize & Elevate Non-Aeronautical Revenues



As a company, Pathfinder is a 25 year old multinational firm based out of Dubai. We are an innovative solutions provider enabling digital transformation of Retail, Shopping Centres and International Airports globally. A niche segment leader, our clients include 75 shopping centres, 6 International airports, which include top international brands. We are acquiring 15 airports and 30 malls as our clients soon. We have integrated over 10,000 retail outlets and are servicing more than 1500 retail brands, seamlessly automating the data in real-time for reporting & intelligence. Our extensive domain experience has helped us build a world class customer engagement platform leveraging the customer behaviour/data generated across our various participating businesses thereby creating phenomenal customer experiences.

We offer On-Premise, On-Demand, Hybrid and Mobility products to suit Retail,  F&B industry needs. We operate in the areas of revenue management, lease and tenant management, facility management, enterprise food management in EMEA and APAC.

Challenges faced by Airports

As airports worldwide are facing a decline in aviation revenues, they are increasingly dependent & focused on non-aviation business (Retail, food & beverage, and forex) as a major source of revenue. Airports are struggling with the below areas:

  • Lack of real-time sales data generated by concessionaires
  • Delay in sales data capture, inadequate information
  • Lack of control mechanisms to monitor actual revenue generated
  • Inability to predict revenues with limited insights
  • Multi-format agreements with tenants make it extremely difficult to manage the dues statement every month

Our Airport Solution

We have brought in a new dimension to the analytical landscape in airports, helping them benchmark revenue based on multiple parameters. Our services for airports (non-aeronautical revenue assurance) consists of revenue assurance, commercial contract management, facility management, food court management and point of sale tills from which we generate insights on sales in near real-time. This dashboard is an overview of revenue generated from different stores, category wise, segment wise to drive insights which can be drilled down for date, week, month for better analysis.

Key benefits to Airports

We started in 2008 with our first airport. Today with 6 airports as our clients, we would like to highlight these key benefits they have realized. We are on the verge of signing up 15 more airports soon.

Ease of data collection for advanced analytics & audits

  • Integrates with most POS systems quickly as we have over 2000 connectors that we have built so far with multiple POS systems
  • Automation of Sales Data Capture – Accuracy & Consistency of data
  • Single Point of Reference on Sales Revenue in near real-time
  • Ease of Auditing Revenues, Dues Payable
  • Granular view on performing vs non-performing concessionaires drillable to a receipt
  • Increased revenue as a result of near real-time sales data capture of tenants
  • Audited sales reports by 5th of every month, ensures faster collection of dues from tenants

Simplifying commercial leasing management

  • Centralized management of multiple sites & spaces spread across different geographies for retail & property
  • Set up business rules & Print leases for General, Casual, Parking & Signage. Make changes via Addendums all with a simple yet powerful approval workflow matrix
  • Create, Assign & Manage tasks for collaborative task management
  • Setup billing rules, seamless integration with POS Patrol, Compute CAM & Utility differentials, Debit & Credit Journals,  Record Receipts, Payment Reminders  & more

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns for acquiring future tenants & increasing revenue for existing tenants

  • Enhanced marketing of their retail space to new tenants with actual facts & figures
  • Manage Campaigns, Leads, Opportunities and build custom proposals for prospective customers
  • Analyse patterns to see which segments/stores (F & B, Luxury, Electronics, Jewellery, FMCG etc.) are generating the maximum revenue for them and building different slabs of commissions on sales, keeping tenants happier with their revenue structures

Increased asset utilization and reduction in labor costs with our facility management

  • Increased asset utilization and reducing labor costs
  • Schedule service & maintenance while overseeing work requests & orders
  • Manage data, workflows at multiple sites
  • With historical track of assets, track maintenance costs and lifetime value of assets
  • With airports having multi-format agreements with retailers (tenants) which are based on rent & revenue share, they wanted a single unified system that gave them the transparency on revenue, reports and near real-time reports on bills generated

Intuitive Analytics for enhanced decision making

  • Leverage on our intuitive dashboards & KPI’s for intelligent decision making
  • Maximise rent, retail revenue and advertising shares by aligning high-profit guests with the best-fit offerings and locations.
  • With a 360 degree view from sales, passenger purchase patterns from various routes to carriers they fly in, target profitable carriers and drive passenger volume based on their preferences
  • With bespoke campaigns, we can segment and target individual passengers with offers customized to their taste*

*Our loyalty platform which is a unique offering enables airports to custom offers automatically based on over 50 different parameters, helping them drive sales to tenants and increase loyalty. Our platform rewards users for different activities which can then be redeemed for purchases directly across our partner airports. We are on the verge of launching this platform with our current airports and airports who are on the verge of signing up, see this as a phenomenal step for them and their tenants.


With our solution, airports can quickly calculate revenues, bill tenants and tag finance to follow up on receivables. With a single solution managing revenue assurance, facility management & leasing helps the airport have a “bird’s eye view” on all revenue sources with multiple KPI’s and custom reports.

With our analytics solution, we can give the airport deep intelligence with pre-built reports on multiple KPI’s and custom reports to generate value quickly. Ex: Quick trends on revenue by brand, by store, by merchandise category etc.

With our data science services, we help airports forecast revenues, propensity modelling with facial recognition including emotional states, people counting giving them greater depth of reports that include demographics, repeat visits etc. Added to that with boarding pass, we can analyse the data by passenger, by destination, by airline, by time of departure. These data points help in plotting detailed pods or clusters of passengers who are the highest contributors. Thereby helping airports to plan better promotions for that segment of travellers. By correlating sales data with passenger and flight information, as well as people counting solutions, airports are able to visualise their commercial performance through dashboards and reports based on their chosen KPIs. With interesting data on buying trends it immensely helps the airport operations in planning their rental contracts for the next year.

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