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Posted: 13 August 2018 | | No comments yet VIEW Real-Time Intelligence Airport Data Monitoring   Introduction The aim of this document is to introduce VIEW Real-Time Intelligence for Airport Data Monitoring, and discuss its major features. In Chapter 2 is described how VIEW Real-Time Intelligence has been used to improve efficiency and security at “Vincenzo Bellini” International Airport – Catania (Italy). For […]

VIEW Real-Time Intelligence Airport Data Monitoring




The aim of this document is to introduce VIEW Real-Time Intelligence for Airport Data Monitoring, and discuss its major features.

  • In Chapter 2 is described how VIEW Real-Time Intelligence has been used to improve efficiency and security at “Vincenzo Bellini” International Airport – Catania (Italy).
  • For more information about the platform itself, please see Chapter 3 “VIEW Real-time Intelligence: Airport Data Monitoring”.

Case Study

VIEW for “Vincenzo Bellini” International Airport (IATA CODE: CTA)

“Vincenzo Bellini” International Airport in Catania, Italy, has supported work towards redefining its operational and functional standards, with the aim of aligning internal processes with international best practices. In June 2015, this airport opted to use VIEW Real-Time Intelligence to increase the security and quality of the services provided at the airport.

VIEW has proven to be an effective support tool: interfacing with airport information systems, collecting and processing different types of information, developing in real-time a complete and thorough vision of the system. VIEW’s use facilitated the sharing of information and increased collaboration between different business functions. The ability to convey the required data in real-time and provide the information needed to proactively manage the aforementioned realignment activities resulted in tangible improvements in the quality of service and overall safety of the airport’s passengers and staff.


In order to ensure the safety of the flight and the passengers in transit, VIEW monitors those passing through the airport by recording and analysing information from boarding passes. The system verifies in real time the validity of the documents of each passenger, checking the congruity of the airline’s data, the flight number, the date of boarding and personal information data. The alerting system notifies the occurrence of anomalies such as invalid boarding passes or repeated passages with the same boarding pass.

VIEW security dashboard from Bizmate

VIEW also verifies that passengers at the gate have previously passed one or more safety controls, monitoring the number of people in the safe area and their average time of stay.

In order to facilitate the management of the control activities, the user can visualize the security gates on a dynamic dashboard, highlighting the status (active, inactive, error) and the number of passengers in transit through each of them.

Operation Management

Within the framework and field of internal operation management, VIEW monitors scheduling of inbound and outbound flights, displaying in real time the information related to each flight (e.g. assigned gate, scheduled and actual departure time, flight status). VIEW also sends notification of deviations from the scheduled and reports the occurrence of particular events such as gate changes.

The platform suggests the opening or closing of gates by correlating real-time traffic data and forecasts on presentation curves. The use of assets and resources is optimized based on the expected and actual traffic of passengers at the airport.

VIEW provides aggregate information on the number of departing passengers. Moreover, VIEW compares the expected presentation curve with the actual data collected, highlighting possible deviations from the forecasting model. Data is then organized and presented in a manner that can be easily queried and viewed, generating statistics on passengers departing from the airport.

Smart People

Thanks to the integration with the detection and security devices installed at the Airport, VIEW counts the number of passengers using the restroom facilities located in the airport. Information on real and actual inflows at every point of service allows the user to manage their staff in such a way as to modulate cleaning activities based on the actual use of these facilities. This ensures that the passengers are offered an adequate level of hygiene, ensuring comfort and extreme ease of use and practicality.

Quality Control

From the point of view of quality control of the process, VIEW processes the collected data in order to monitor the main KPIs of the airport, providing complete information on the activity of the airport and the services provided.

The platform calculates analytical quality indicators of the airport, selected within a set of indicators identified by the Guidelines as well as ENAC’s [Italy’s civil aviation authority] Service Charter, with the aim of monitoring overall performance and allowing constant benchmarking activities with the main European airports of reference. More specifically, VIEW monitors the service level provided to passengers by calculating, for example, the waiting times of passengers at the airport:

  • From the check-in counters to the beginning of the queue for security checks
  • In the queue at security
  • From security checks to the boarding gate (time of stay in waiting area).

VIEW notifies the user of any excess with regard to thresholds, in order to rapidly intervene and optimize staffing to provide the passenger with an experience that is defined by efficiency and operational regularity.

Moreover, VIEW monitors the baggage delivery process: it warns the airport staff if timing thresholds are passed and detected with regard to the baggage claim process or if there are any irregularities in the delivery process.

Chatbot Assistant

Part of the information processed by VIEW is also available to airport passengers through the use of the Airport’s Chatbot Assistant, an automatic bot that interacts with passengers through common and widespread applications such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Cisco Spark.

Until now, airports have attempted to inform their passengers through the use of digital screens, automatic audio alerts and announcements, websites and institutional mobile applications. Chatbot provides the necessary information immediately, without requiring passengers to navigate through website pages or download external applications. Information on all incoming or outgoing flights is available on applications used by most travellers on a daily basis.

Each passenger will be able to chat with their virtual assistant in order to know, in just a few seconds, the status of their flight, the boarding gate, and the average waiting time to get through security checks. This makes it easy for passengers to plan their arrival time at the airport or to stay at the airport in the event of a layovers or transfers. Moreover, there is also a personalized alert and alarm service available. Each user may choose to receive alerts or warnings on incoming or departing flights and be automatically updated on flight status changes for the flight they are following.

VIEW Real-time Intelligence: Airport Data Monitoring

VIEW Real-Time Intelligence collects data from any type of digital source and dynamically processes the data according to customizable rule sets.

Moreover, VIEW develops a centralized and global vision of operational activities and processes, with full control of airport systems in terms of flights, passenger traffic and managed assets.

The platform analyzes data regarding the main key performance indicators (KPIs) of the airport, and also monitors passenger traffic trends and correlates this information to data on inbound/ outbound flights. VIEW also provides an effective tool for security operations and, thanks to the integrated alerting system, sends notification of significant events in terms of security, performance, and operational functions.

Streaming Data

VIEW integrates with existing IT infrastructure and processes any type of data thanks to the vast extended library of available connectors. This innovative architecture, based on non-relational databases and inference engines, delivers a large amount of streaming data flow in order to help decision-making through precise and timely information on the status of the processes and assets involved

Rule Based Analysis

The data collected from the platform is processed through the application of logic based on fully customizable conditional rules and sets. The Rule Builder provides a model-based approach to rule modelling that allows the user to monitor the trend of the set of variables in their operating environment. VIEW detects any deviation and immediately sends notification of an anomaly or pattern to which attention should be given, facilitating the management of all necessary steps in order to bring the monitored process back to the standards set by the user. Thanks to the multichannel integrated alerting system, VIEW notifies in real-time any security breaches, abnormalities in queue waiting times and/or luggage delivery, gate changes, etc.

VIEW collects and correlates data from different systems and processes. It identifies potential errors or performance decrements, facilitating operations realignment and supporting the decision-making process.

Real-Time Dashboard

Interactive dashboards summarize the information available in a single view with immediate impact, and allows the user to compare open and closed gates, real-time passenger traffic, waiting times, luggage deliver, gate status, and so on. These Dashboards facilitate parameter tracking and indexes of interest through dynamic and easily customizable widgets.

Supporting Documentation

PDF: Streaming data and Rule-based Analysis: Airport Data Monitoring

Operation Dashboard

VIEW Operation Dashboard

VIEW Baggage Management Dashboard

VIEW Baggage Management Dashboard


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