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Assaia International Inc.

Assaia Turnaround AI: turning ramp video feeds into structured data


We process ramp video feeds through neural networks to capture all events during a plane turnaround.

Our AI provides accurate timestamps for each of more than 20 different event types (e.g., “fuelling started”, “catering completed”, “aft cargo door open”, etc.).

These timestamps can be fed into our machine learning algorithm. Using the data about how the turnaround unfolds, this algorithm provides a reliable, up-to-date OBT prediction. Furthermore, the AI watches the ramp for hazardous situations.

This technology yields significant benefits for all turnaround stakeholders: the airport, the airline, the ground handler, and subcontractors.

Our real-time dashboard shows the status of each subprocess and the currently predicted OBT. It enables direct, targeted interventions should the turnaround not develop as planned.

If the turnaround cannot be brought back to schedule, ATC can use their new visibility into the process and reassign the runway slot.

Thanks to real-time alerts, hazardous situations (e.g., paxbridge not fully retracted ahead of aircraft arrival) can actively be remedied before accidents occur.

Since all timestamps are stored for later analysis, turnarounds are finally accessible for process mining tools and systematic optimization.

The data can also be used to implement fully trackable SLAs with KPI-based bonus mechanisms, assign responsibilities among the stakeholders, automate billing and reporting, and hold parties accountable.

These measures result in an increase of OTP and a decrease in slot wastage. They drive efficiency and service quality. Overall, this increases the airport’s bottom line.

We use the existing video infrastructure at the ramp. Airports can use our technology to strategically setup themselves as data providers for the whole ecosystem. This unlocks entirely new revenue streams, driving top line growth.

Our technology has been developed in cooperation with Swissport, and was successfully piloted with multiple airports, among them one of the busiest in Europe. It was named finalist of IATA’s IGHC Innovator Competition 2018 in Doha.

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