Interview: Deolan on Clip Mobile, a new IT legacy, beacons and the future

International Airport Review speaks exclusively to Deolan about new technologies, beacons and the importance of an IT legacy in airport…


International Airport Review explores further with Deolan’s Arnold Aumasson, CMO and Head of Business Development…

  1. For the purpose of our readership, what is Clip Mobile and how might it revolutionise operations?

Clip Mobile is our latest addition in Deolan’s Clip solution, a cloud-based data platform providing storage capabilities, collaboration tools, real-time dashboards and automated reports to all stakeholders involved in airport operations and turnaround performance. The revolution comes from the capacity we now provide to access from everywhere all your data related to your flights: digitalised, secured and centralised.

  1. Do you believe the airport industry is behind other in embracing new technologies?

Overall I do not think so, but the situation is certainly not equal among the players, you have large airports with significant resources to invest in IT and smaller airports struggling to drive their digital transformation. You have LCCs with strong costs controls and no IT legacy and FSCs with dominant controlling positions in their own bases.

The poor parents of digital implementation are all the ground handlers, many are still operating like we were decades ago,  the problem is traffic has dramatically increased and turnaround time reduced. The situation is no more sustainable, from a human and financial perspective. New technology like our data platform (low set up fees, plug & play, scalable) is a solution to bridge the gaps so that the industry as a whole can provide a better customer experience!

  1. What role might beacon technology have to play in future?

In my opinion, it s going to be huge. Beacons, sensors and machine to machine communications, with data capture will bring a lot of value, I believe data is the base layer of tomorrow’s world. When you look at the potential of machine learning, AI and what can algorithms do in other industries, you can imagine any answers or ideas for airport operations. Still, as of now, our focus is to provide data security and reliability to our clients so they can move forward with no fear.

  1. What is the single greatest challenged facing our industry?

If only one, most probably the urgency for finding new ways of collaboration between airports, airlines and ground handlers beyond a simple customer – supplier relationship. The more handlers will struggle, the more the full value chain will be at risk.

  1. Imagine we’re having this conversation in a year’s time… what will have changed in the industry?

Honestly, one year is long but also very short. From a technology perspective, we could be really advanced with enhanced operations thanks to better information and collaboration. From a mindset change point if view, I fear our industry is still reluctant to implement digital transformation at scale. You see initiatives happening but not really comprehensive transformational programs addressing the root causes, leveraging the right tools…

  1. What does the future hold for Deolan?

Good question, if I look at our traction in the last months and the satisfaction of our clients, the future looks really very good. Everyday, we have more flights accessible on the platform and can provide new value-added services to our clients. In the short term, we are looking at expanding our operations in the Middle East and Asian markets, I really wish we can be instrumental in defining the best for our industry.

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