What’s next with NEXTT – now and in the future?

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In a webinar due to take place on 21 April, the NEXTT team will be sharing some of its plans for 2021, with a number of aviation thought leaders speaking on the panel.


As a joint initiative of Airports Council International (ACI) and International Air Transport Association (IATA), NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) creates a shared vision for the future of travel.

Over 700 participants joined our last webinar on 4 February, during which industry experts shared their experience on how they turned NEXTT’s concepts into implementation, taking advantage of the new imperatives for healthy travel to accelerate innovations and process changes.

A lot of this is happening across the world, for instance, Narita International Airport Corporation (ANA) and Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation (TIAT) have just started trialling a touchless, facial recognition technology called Face Express for boarding passengers. Similarly, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and United Airlines recently announced the trial of a low-touch, biometric-enabled experience that will be the first of its kind in the U.S. – and you will hear more from our speakers during the webinar.

So instead of slowing it down, COVID-19 has confirmed the validity, and in some cases accelerated, the implementation of NEXTT concepts. Airlines, airports and partners are hard at work to be ready for a post-pandemic future built on resilience, efficiency and flexibility.

IATA and ACI members and our industry partners tell us it is time to move to the next level with NEXTT, by aiming for a broader adoption of the concepts, bringing together all relevant stakeholders and sharing the best practices and tools that will bring NEXTT from vision to reality.

During our next webinar on 21 April, we will share with you some of our plans for 2021, which involves improved information sharing and awareness on how to make innovation happening, providing the right platform to exchange ideas, lessons learned and required tools to understand benefits, risks and opportunities.

Our keynote speakers will share with you their views on what the future holds for air travel, how to build back better, and areas the industry should focus on now to accelerate change. Joining us on this webinar will be:

  • Antoine Rostworowski, Senior Vice President, Programmes and Commercial Services, ACI World
  • Hari Marar, Managing Director and CEO, Bangalore International Airport Ltd.
  • Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • Jonathan Parkinson, Senior IT Advisor, Air Canada
  • Pierre Charbonneau, Director, Passenger Facilitation, IATA

Join us to raise your questions and expectations to our thought leaders – the future is starting now.

We also invite you familiarise with the concepts and the NEXTT vision and join our discussion on the LinkedIn Group.

Register for the webinar on 21 April here.

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