Brussels Airport (BRU)

As a major European hub, Brussels Airport is used by more than 22 million passengers annually, (pre-pandemic) flying to 238 destinations globally.

As of September 2022, passenger traffic reached 75 per cent of the number of passenger flights in September 2019, during the pandemic. However, the flights’ occupancy rate continues to rise, with an average number of passengers per flight was 142 in September 2022, compared to 132 in 2019.

Originally constructed by the German army as a military airfield during their occupation in 1940, the airport was developed after the war, in 1948, to serve civilian passengers. A cargo terminal, named Brucargo, was constructed in 1976 and now handles 495,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

Brussels Airport has a single terminal split into multiple levels for public transport, arrivals and departures. It is served by three runways.