OM³: The digital airport solution

Posted: 21 November 2018 | | No comments yet

AOE’s award-winning OM³ platform is a digital marketplace, consisting of a unique and modular set of pre-integrated omnichannel functionalities, services and infrastructure.

OM³ helps multi-retailer venues such as airports to realise their full potential and create a short-term return on investment by fusing the offline and online experience into one comprehensive suite of software applications and services. It enables complete customer interaction across multiple touchpoints. It enables customised selection of functionalities according to airport-specific business requirements. OM³ was successfully implemented at London Heathrow Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Auckland Airport and throughout the operations of Singapore Airlines. Due to the success of this, many other airports and airlines are on their way to digitalising their non-aviation revenue streams. 


  • OM³ creates a digital marketplace which consists of all shops, products and airport services, creating a seamless digital omnichannel customer experience
  • It provides connection of flight information, shopping, loyalty and airport services on one platform
  • It can facilitate any number of retailers, brands and products, automated order management and fulfillment processes. 

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