Biometrics and the future of travel beyond the airport

International Airport Review hosted an exclusive, free-to-attend, breakfast briefing during Passenger Terminal EXPO on Wednesday 17 April 2024.

I’d like you to image a world where you can travel from anywhere to everywhere without ever needing a physical travel document”



Biometrics and the future of travel beyond the airport

Embark on a journey into the cutting-edge realm of travel innovation with International Airport Review’s breakfast briefing on biometrics and the future of travel beyond the airport.

As we stand at the intersection of technology and travel, this briefing invites you to explore the transformative role of biometrics in shaping the travel experience beyond the familiar confines of airports. Biometrics have progressed and people are more accepting of using their biometric information in exchange for a smoother experience, whether that’s opening your phone, using mobile payments or signing into online banking and beyond.

However, we can progress this even further and envisage a world where the benefits of biometrics reach across the entire travel system and into other industries. Digital identities hold the potential to unlock more digital interactions with everything from your hotel to your airline, where the traveller can choose how, when and where they share their identity, giving them complete control.

As an industry, we are straying from the course of seamless travel ecosystem to date, the industry has done over 90 proof of concepts, very few are end-to-end, most work in siloes and shift the burden onto the traveller. In a world where many are wary of handing over their personal information, it has never been more important to make it easy and to show tangible benefits that improve the journey. Our experts will tackle the crucial questions surrounding privacy, ethical considerations, and regulatory frameworks associated with the widespread adoption of biometrics in travel.

Join the discussion with the panellists to hear how they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with biometric technologies and how they are relentlessly pursuing this dream and turning it into a reality.

Network with other airport thought leaders over coffee and breakfast as we unravel the potential of biometrics to redefine the very essence of travel beyond the confines of the airport, charting a course towards a more connected, secure, and accessible future.

During this panel you:

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