“Revolutionise the passenger journey”: Justin Erbacci, CEO of LAWA

Posted: 3 January 2023 | , | 4 comments

Watch this short voxpop with the CEO of LAWA.

We asked Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer at Los Angeles World Airports, ‘What is the number one thing that airports should be focusing on right now?’ Justin said airports should focus on giving passengers more control through their digital device, this will give them greater visibility over their journey through the airport. This means airports can give passengers customised information and services, making their experience more predictable, easy, secure and pleasant.

What do you think?

4 responses to ““Revolutionise the passenger journey”: Justin Erbacci, CEO of LAWA”

  1. Anna Maria Hill-Dombrowski says:

    I like this concept on paper (so to speak), however my chief concern is for the level of cybersecurity utilized to keep passengers personal information protected.
    Imagine if passengers could access maps and directions via their digital devices how much more enjoyable the LAX experience would be?
    Clearly these are exciting times at LAX!

    • Holly Miles says:

      Hi Anna, many thanks for your insightful comment, data protection is certainly a very important topic which needs to be front and centre to innovation in this way.
      Personalisation is certainly a key buzz word for the industry this year. Looking forward to seeing what airports will bring to this space in 2023!

    • Holly Miles says:

      Please see a reply from LAWA below too.

  2. Heath Montgomery, LAWA Public Relations Manager says:

    Hi! We are working on a digital experience that enables that exact kind of wayfinding experience. Stay tuned. Also, on the issue of security, the systems used for biometric identification are highly protected within the federal systems and databases that information is stored within. But yes, that is always a top issue for awareness!

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