Podcast: Episode 4 – Iacopo Prissinotti

Air traffic management is highly influential to aviation, and therefore our Editor, Tara Nolan, dedicated the fourth episode of International Airport Review’s podcast series to exploring aspects of ATC/ATM with the Director of Network Management at EUROCONTROL.

Talking with Iacopo Prissinotti, Director Network Management at EUROCONTROL, this podcast details the ambition of “creating maximum efficiency” for passengers travelling within the European sky, “evolving the European infrastructure” and “preparing for the future”.

This conversation investigates the technologies, data, communications and procedures that are used within ATC/ATM to “coordinate the relevant stakeholders” and describes what is currently threatening Europe’s airspace.

Looking ahead to the future, “we should not be at all afraid of automation” believes Iacopo, but instead embrace technology and merge it with our human expertise to achieve “flexibility and scalability”.

The industry must implement “an effective decision-making process” – something Iacopo is personally working on – and by contemplating the knowledge that is disclosed within this podcast, doing so will be that little bit easier.

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