Beijing Daxing International Airport begins test flights

Four flights take-off and land at Beijing Daxing International Airport as trials begin ahead of the opening of the new structure in September 2019.

Beijing Daxing International Airport begins test flights

Credit: People's Daily Online

Beijing News has reported that Beijing Daxing International Airport has begun to carry out test flights in the newly constructed airport. 

The four test planes belonged to China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and Xiamen Airlines.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the trial primarily focused on demonstrating 12 flight procedures while previous trials have centred around the navigation verification flights. 

At 09:00, the China Southern Airlines plane was the first to embark on its maiden voyage and took off from the northeastern part of the city. The plane landed back on the western runway after a 30 minute flight above the new structure.

“We aim to make sure every passenger is a 100 per cent safe during their flights once the airport goes into operation,” said Yan Xiaodong, spokesperson of CAAC North China Regional Administration.

Xiaodong went on to say that the trials had been facilitated by the west air traffic control tower at the airport for the first time.

Scheduled to be open in September 2019, the airport is hoped to ease the congestion of other airports in the city; Daxing is expected to see an estimated 72 million passengers by 2025. 

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