TSA secures new contract for its screening equipment in U.S. airports

The TSA were looking for a platform to integrate data from passenger and baggage screening equipment for real-time threat awareness and risk assessment.

INTEGRATED: The platform brings together passenger data and baggage screening data

Unisys Corporation has announced it has been selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to operate, maintain and protect its security screening equipment deployed at more than 400 U.S. airports.

The work will be performed under the single-award Domain Awareness Integrated Network (DOMAIN) Support Services blanket purchase agreement (BPA) within TSA’s Security Technology Integrated Program (STIP).

The BPA has a ceiling value of $250 million over five years and covers a one-year base period followed by four option years. Under the BPA, Unisys will provide full lifecycle application development and operational support services to connect and integrate data from up to 14,000 TSA security equipment devices.

The solution includes Stealth microsegmentation software to deliver a deployment model allowing TSA to securely connect and manage all airport screening equipment on its global network.

“The Unisys solution has the potential to positively disrupt the deployment concept of operations by allowing an immediate reconnect, with complete control, management, and monitoring in a secure isolated network model. Our approach provides TSA with considerable cost savings and efficiencies while ensuring security across TSA’s network,” said Amy Rall, Group Vice President for Homeland Security, and Critical Infrastructure, Unisys Federal. “The result will be a more secure and efficient deployment of devices and ability to more rapidly adapt and deploy new screening technologies across at all U.S. airports.

“Through this work of deploying Stealth and developing, implementing and maintaining these mission-critical applications for TSA, Unisys will assist the agency in its ongoing mission to ensure safety for the hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens who rely on air travel every year.

“Unisys prioritises making microsegmentation and other advanced security work in the most critical environments, and we are proud to have been selected by TSA for this important and essential aspect of the agency’s work.”

The technology company lured the TSA away from General Dynamics at the end of last year with a lower price tag.

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