PICTURES: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s new pier construction gets underway

The Schiphol Group has revealed images of how its new pier at Amsterdam Airport will look when it reaches completion before then end of 2019. Construction can now begin after the foundation stone was laid.


PEERLESS: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's new pier

Schiphol chose the design by team AECOM – cepezed in collaboration with Imd, dGmR and Copijn.

The new pier will feature five gates for narrow-body aircraft on the north side and three gates for wide-body aircraft on the south side. The gates on the south side can also be used to accommodate six narrow-body aircraft. Two wide-body gates will be added to the south side at a later stage. The foundation for the new pier has now been laid. This involved, among other things, removing 20,000 m2 of concrete and driving more than 1,000 piles.

With 55,000 square metres – the new pier equals 11 football pitches. It will be the most sustainable pier at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, thanks to design elements such as biomaterial, insulating glass and reusable plastic and marble rubblework tiles. Schiphol will also be installing 5,000 m2 of solar panels and using rainwater to flush the toilets.

Royal Schiphol Group is carrying out the expansion projects, including the new pier and terminal, under the auspices of the project organisation known as the Capital Programme. The expansion is required in order to strengthen the competitive position of Mainport Schiphol, keep pace with the growth in aviation and continue to develop the position of ‘preferred airport’ among both airlines and passengers.

The Capital Programme is able to coordinate and manage the various complex, large-scale projects in an optimal way. This is necessary as the airport must continue to operate as normal during the construction and renovation work. At the same time, the expansion requires specific knowledge and experience. Schiphol brings this expertise together in the Capital Programme.


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