VIDEO: Runway lights blink on at upcoming megahub

Lights have gone on at one of the three runways at Turkey’s newest airport builds, an infrastructure project that is set to rival some of the world’s biggest airports.

The construction of the first runway has been finalised and the lights turned on at the runway number one of Istanbul New Airport, one of the world’s largest airport builds, earlier this week. The first runway, 3,750m long and 60m wide, is poised for landing and takeoff.

Eighty per cent of the initial phase is completed at Istanbul New Airport. The project is in the public eye worldwide prior to its opening scheduled for 29 October 2018. Of the three independent parallel runways designed as part of the first phase, the runway no. 1 of 3,750 m length and 60 m width has been finalised and lit for the first time.

The runway, now primed for flights, features 34,183 LED fixtures. The lighting system was designed to meet the international standards and installed for a safe takeoff and landing.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of IGA Airports Construction, noted that Istanbul New Airport will represent Turkey and its people doing justice to the country’s touristic value and trade potential.

He said: “We are working day and night for this project, which will put Turkey’s stamp on the history of aviation. The completion of the first phase draws nearer with every square meter built.

“We have recently finished the baggage system, which constitutes our airport’s core. And now we have made the runway number one ready for landing with all the required equipment and in compliance with the relevant global standards. We are looking forward to deliver Istanbul Airport in its entirety on October 29 2018.”

Istanbul New Airport is set to serve approximately 100 airlines and become the new aviation hub with 350 destinations in passenger and cargo transportation worldwide. The initial phase with a passenger capacity of 90 million will be commissioned with three independent parallel runways, taxiways, a terminal building, an air traffic control tower, communication and weather systems as well as other utility buildings.

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