One week remaining to respond to proposed changes to Gatwick Airport’s Northern Runway plan

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The UK public have one week remaining to respond to the Second Notification of a Proposed Change for the Northern Runway at Gatwick Airport.

gatwick airport northern runway

Stakeholders and members of the public have one week left to respond to London Gatwick’s proposed plans for its Northern Runway. The deadline is 11th June 2024.

The airport’s proposals include:

  • Providing an option to build an on-airport Wastewater Treatment Works facility, located within the area of the existing Self-Park North Terminal Car Park.
  • This bespoke facility would allow the airport to deal with all wastewater flows from the whole airport onsite, in the unlikely event that these could not be dealt with by Thames Water.
  • The facilities would be enclosed with roofs to prevent odours escaping.

This is the Second Notification of a Proposed Change to its Northern Runway Plans.

Full details of the proposed change – including how to respond to the consultation – are available on London Gatwick’s Northern Runway webpage.

The consultation will close at 11.59 on 11 June, 2024, and is an opportunity for the public, landowners and other stakeholders to give their views on the airport’s proposed change to its DCO.

These views will be taken into account before the airport submits a request to amend its DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate. It will be for the Planning Inspectorate to decide if the changes can be made to the application and included in the examination.

London Gatwick’s application to bring its Northern Runway into routine use, alongside its Main Runway, was accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on 3 August 2023.  The Examination started at the end of February 2024 and is due to finish on Tuesday 27 August 2024.

The airport refined its proposal and consulted in December 2023 on three discrete changes to reduce its environmental impact even further, while also providing additional design flexibility. 

The airport’s Northern Runway plan would create around 14,000 new jobs and inject £1 billion into the region’s economy every year.

Tim Norwood, Chief Planning Officer, London Gatwick, said: “Feedback from the public and stakeholders helped shape and influence our Northern Runway plans following previous consultations.  We have opened a public consultation on a further proposal to support our DCO application and we look forward to receiving and taking onboard further feedback about our plans.”

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