Ezeiza International Airport promotes country’s culture via Argentinian artist, Julio le Parc

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Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 has launched new art at the Departures Terminal of Ezeiza International Airport to elevate passenger experience.

Julio Le Parc's "SOL" illuminates the Ezeiza Departures Terminal. CREDIT: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000.

Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 has launched new art at the Departures Terminal of Ezeiza International Airport to promote Argentinian culture and elevate passenger experience. Julio Le Parc, a national artist recognised worldwide and a pioneer in kinetic art, presented the work “SOL” at the airport. 

The company is one of many airports across the globe who disseminates plastic art with the installation of this piece. It was specifically created by Le Parc to complete the design of the terminal. Ezeiza International Airport’s terminal building was inaugurated in April 2023 as an architectural landmark for the country in the company’s 25 years. 


CREDIT: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

The artwork was ushered in with an inauguration, held on April 30 and attended by special guests from the airport’s industry, businessmen and artists, among other people linked to art and culture. Present at the ceremony were the President of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Martín Eurnekian; the CEO of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Daniel Ketchibachian and the artistic director of the project and son of the artist, Yamil Le Parc.

“We are convinced that incorporating art in our terminals not only improves the comfort and experience of the passenger but also represents a contribution to society and the country, in terms of its identity and that of its artists. We aspire for Ezeiza International Airport to position itself in a privileged place among the airports in the world that stand out for hosting works of art,” said Martín Eurnekian at the beginning of the event.

About the work “SOL”

The best airports in the world choose art to enhance the experience of people who visit the terminals.

Since the beginning of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000’s operation, they have offered this proposal to passengers. They have promoted the sculptures of Resistencia (Chaco); the works of local artists across several airports and provided art spaces to elevate culture within the terminals. In the specific case of Ezeiza International Airport, three columns of Terminal A disseminate national and international art in a digitised and animated system. In addition, the airport has important works such as the mural “Philosophical Puzzle” by Marta Minujin; “Eclipse” by Rogelio Polisello; “The Flag” by Nora Iniesta; “The Forgiveness of the Innocents” by Leandro Sívori; “Argentine Hearts” by Daniel Ontiveros and “The Embrace” by Alejandro Marmo, amongst others.

In the case of the spherical mobile called “SOL”, it was specially created by the artist (made during 2023) as a visual tribute to his Argentine flag. The golden mobile, 10 meters in diameter, is composed of 2913 pieces of 33×33 centimetre golden mirrored stainless steel purchased in Japan, which contrasts with the sky visible from the large windows of the building, composing the image of the Argentine flag. It has a total weight of 2100 kg, of which 1550 kg correspond to the sphere alone.

The golden mobile is composed of 2913 pieces of golden mirrored stainless steel purchased in Japan. CREDIT: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. 

It is installed in the central hall of the departures terminal of Ezeiza Airport at a height of 19 meters, next to the escalator that transfers passengers to the immigration and security control area, in the pre-boarding area, through which around 30,000 people pass per day.

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