Helsinki Airport becomes first in the world to open unique second-hand store

The second-hand concept store, a product of Finavia’s partnership with Finnish family firm Relove, will combine unique aspects of recycling culture with a popular café to provide consumers an enhanced passenger experience and further the airport’s sustainability goals.

Helsinki Airport new recycling cafe and store

Finavia and the Finnish family firm Relove are bringing a unique second-hand concept store to Helsinki Airport. Credit: Finavia.

Finavia are partnering with Finnish family firm Relove to establish a unique and fashionable second-hand concept store to Helsinki Airport. It is a first of its kind in the whole world, and will combine aspects of recycling culture with a popular café to further the airport’s commitment to sustainability. 

“We are constantly developing the airport’s selection, following trends and the wishes of passengers. We have now signed an agreement with the Finnish company Relove that will introduce a second-hand concept store to Helsinki Airport. It’s one of this year’s most anticipated new services,” says Nora Immonen, Finavia’s VP and Director of the Commercial Services Business Unit at Helsinki Airport.

This is the world’s first second-hand concept store at an airport. The concept store combines high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories with a café that has become very popular.

“We are delighted with this unique and historic collaboration with Finavia. It gives us an opportunity to promote the circular economy with a larger target group. At the airport, we will also reach international customers. We will bring an enjoyable oasis to Helsinki Airport, where second-hand shop and café services are intertwined in a fantastic way that has never been seen before in an airport environment,” say Relove’s entrepreneur couple Noora Hautakangas and Eero Ukkonen.

Relove will be located in the former departures hall of Helsinki Airport, which has become part of the gate area as a result of the development programme. In the autumn of 2023, the hall will receive a completely new look when the alteration work is completed and the new services are opened.

Finnish architecture, design using wood and unique brands will make the area an exciting meeting place at the heart of the gate area. The area will offer opportunities to have fun and relax during your journey.

“We are proud that the revamped Helsinki Airport suits passengers’ preferences and continuously offers something new. This is something that we have worked hard to achieve. Helsinki Airport recently won an award for being the best airport in Europe in its size category, which is a great achievement and an indication that our customers are happy with the end result of our work,” says Nora Immonen.

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