Mumbai Airport launches ‘FASTag Car Park’

Posted: 15 December 2022 | | No comments yet

Mumbai International Airport has scaled up its Multilevel Car Parking with a FASTag solution, which aims to provide an increased seamless passenger experience.

Mumbai International Airport (BOM), scales up its Multilevel Car Parking (MLCP) with a FASTag solution, which launched in November 2022. This upgradation to its parking system is being introduced by the airport for all passengers, greeters who come to see their families off, and people coming down to the airport for meetings and park their vehicles at Terminal 2. FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India. It is an addition to the airport’s best-in-class technology that benefits passengers and enhances their travel experience. 

Since its inception, Mumbai Airport has always been focused on building its technology infrastructure. To facilitate quick movement, the airport has designated one lane at entry and one lane at the exit for passengers using the FASTag option. With FASTag, the movement of the vehicle at MLCP will be fast and reduce the dwell time for passengers waiting to enter or exit the terminal, thus helping in saving time and fuel. One of the main advantages of FASTag is that it eliminates the need for cash transactions, which would mean quicker parking options for all. 

Now, passengers can experience parking without manual intervention such as waiting for a parking receipt or making cash/credit payments at the entrance or exit, thus making the overall experience seamless. Travellers using MLCP with FASTag are required to ensure that their FASTag is active with sufficient balance for an exit. Additionally, passengers entering through the designated FASTag lane will be required to follow the same lane for the exit as well. Passengers are expected to pay the standard rate and no additional cost is included for the new parking facility. The airport regularly upgrades its technology offerings to help improve the day-to-day operations within the airport. 

How does the system work?


  1. Entering the T2 premise, the vehicle to approach at P5 entrance
  2. Takes the designated lane for FASTag vehicles
  3. FASTag controller at the entry reads the valid Tag affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen
  4. The boom gate opens, and the vehicle can move toward parking the vehicle.


  1. Exiting through the designated FASTag lane at P5
  2. The control system reads the Tag and the chargeable parking fee is automatically deducted
  3. The boom gate allows the vehicle to exit.

As seamless as it is, Mumbai Airport has also considered the passengers who may be travelling with a FASTag. These passengers will continue following the manual parking process and pass-through lanes which do not have a FASTag facility. Keeping passengers’ convenience first, the airport constantly adopts newer technologies that can be easily adapted by all. Initiatives like these are noteworthy to look at, and others that contribute to the growth as we continue to undertake the ride towards turning every operation at Mumbai Airport from functional to seamless.

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