Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports prepare for busy summer ahead

With a busy summer ahead, Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports have predicted they will see around 150,000 passengers travelling through the airports.


After two years full of travel restrictions, passengers clearly have renewed confidence in their travel plans and in the regional airports. Therefore, the Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports are getting ready for a busy summer during which they expect about 150,000 passengers. 

The summer holidays are just around the corner. Those who travel to the sun via Ostend-Bruges Airport (OST) this summer can choose from a total of 12 Spanish and Greek destinations. The absolute top destination of this summer is Malaga. The Spanish seaside resort is closely followed by the Canary Islands and Alicante, which complete the top three. The airport expects about 90,000 passengers this summer. 

This summer, Antwerp Airport (ANR) can be used to travel to nine destinations in Spain, Croatia, France and Morocco. With seven flights a week each, Malaga and Alicante in Antwerp come out on top. Ibiza is the third most popular destination from the diamond city. Besides TUI fly, ASL Fly Deluxe flies twice a week from Antwerp to Ibiza. The flights of ASL take place between 29 June and 17 August 2022. In total the Antwerp airport expects about 60,000 passengers during the summer months. 

Popular regional airports

The regional airports offer travellers a comfortable departure without stress. The airports are gaining popularity with travellers. “Our airports have a family atmosphere”, emphasised Eric Dumas, CEO of the Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp airports. “Whoever opts for a regional departure, also opts for a comfortable departure without stress. Our airports are not crowded and are always easily accessible. We advise passengers to arrive no earlier than two hours before departure.

“The short walking distances, cheaper parking rates and quick check-in are for many passengers the decisive factor to travel via Oostende or Antwerp. Now that many airports are struggling with staff and capacity shortages, the regional airports can play an important role. Our airports can still handle extra flights, as we clearly proved on 20 June 2022. And all this without the passengers who choose for our airports having to compromise on comfort”, concludes Dumas.

Gunther Hofman, Managing Director TUI fly Belgium added: “We are very happy with the additional flights that TUI fly can continue to offer from the regional airports. For years now, our passengers have greatly appreciated the comfort of being able to depart close to home and they have always given an excellent score to the small scale and friendly service that characterise the airports of Ostend and Antwerp.”

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