BLR Airport installs emergency oxygen generators

Bangalore International Airport has invested in 10 Emergency Oxygen Generators in order to provide life-saving support for both passengers and airport staff during medical emergencies.

Credit: BLR Airport

Bangalore International Airport (BLR) has installed 10 Emergency Oxygen Generators for the benefit of passengers and airport staff, to provide life-

 Credit: BLR Airport

saving support during medical emergencies.

The timely availability of emergency oxygen at the Departures and Arrivals area could help those experiencing heart attacks, breathlessness, or even fainting. This ‘easy to use’ patented product is one of its kind in this segment and provides 99.7 per cent pure medical grade oxygen for up to 40 minutes, offering sufficient support until the affected person reaches the hospital.

Commenting on this, a Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) spokesperson commented: “Protecting the health and safety of passengers is our top priority. By installing these life-saving instant oxygen generators at BLR, we want to ensure a safe end-to-end journey for all passengers.”  

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