Aena awarded ‘World’s Best Airport Group COVID-19 Excellence’

Aena has been awarded the ‘Best Airport Group COVID-19 Excellence’ recognition at the 2022 Skytrax World Airport Awards, for the airport network’s high hygiene and safety standards during the pandemic.


Aena has been recognised with the ‘Best Airport Group COVID-19 Excellence’ award at the 2022 World Airport Awards, awarded by prestigious airport research and audit consultancy Skytrax, which consults with passengers around the world at more than 50 airports. The airports in the Aena network have been selected for their high hygiene and safety standards in their facilities during the pandemic.

Aena Chairman, Maurici Lucena, highlighted the great value of this award: “It is highly satisfying that users have valued so positively Aena’s ongoing effort to implement health safety measures and protocols in times as hard as the pandemic. Aena’s teams have gone above and beyond to safely
resume activity and traffic data so far this year and those anticipated this summer show that it has paid off and that passengers have confidence in our facilities and, by extension, in Spain. This is because airports are the indispensable gateway to our country and many of our cities. This international recognition demonstrates the absurdity and unreasonableness of criticism directed at Aena’s main airport during the pandemic.”

Skytrax CEO, Edward Plaisted, has praised the work of the Spanish airport manager: “We congratulate Aena for its success in earning this important recognition as the ‘World’s Best Airport Group for Excellence in COVID-19 Hygiene and Safety.’ The past two years have been extremely difficult for airports around the world. They have faced numerous COVID-19 restrictions and the major decline in travel demand. With air traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, Aena is meeting the challenge of delivering the highest standards in quality across its airport network.”

Users have especially valued key aspects such as informative signage related to COVID-19, the requirement to wear masks, the availability of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers in visible places and the measures taken to maintain social distance, both in relaxation areas and at security checkpoints, as well as the cleanliness of the terminals and toilets.

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