Hamad Airport implements new baggage screening technology

The new technology will allow for faster passenger processing and will deliver unprecedented levels of security, customer service and efficiency.

Hamad Airport implements new security screening technology

Credit: Hamad International Airport - Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, Chief Operating officer at DOH; and Saeed Al-Sulaiti, Vice President of Security at DOH; along with the senior management of MATAR and Smiths Detection at the launch of the new screening technology.

Hamad International Airport (DOH), in partnership with Smiths Detection, has installed an innovative screening technology at its security checkpoint that will deliver unprecedented levels of security, customer service and efficiency.

The new screening lane, which has been installed at Hamad Airport’s Transfers Hall, is a part of the airport’s Smart Security Programme, which aims to deploy advanced screening technology solutions across the wider airport campus and as part of the airport’s expansion.

The new ground-breaking technology does not require passengers to remove either liquids or larger electronic items from their bags and will allow for faster passenger processing by providing the possibility for up to six passengers to load their items into trays at the same time.

Additionally, the technology incorporates passenger boarding pass scanners prior to screening that enable a range of benefits, one of which is to electronically ‘tag’ each passengers’ belongings to their boarding card to ensure that the belongings are tracked. Once passengers remove their possessions from the tray, the system scans the tray to ensure that no items are left behind. In the unlikely event that a passenger loses an item, a swift and efficient investigation can then be conducted on their behalf.

The technology further advances passenger security and customer service, as it also incorporates a shoe screening capability conducted in only a few seconds without the need for passengers to remove their footwear. 

The passenger experience is also enhanced by a remote screening management system for cabin baggage that aims to continually keep the system belt moving, even during the image evaluation process. The system also provides a high detection and low false-alarm rate, which contributes to fewer random checks. The scanner is also fitted with UV-C modules to disinfect each and every tray before passenger use.

This system in particular is being fast tracked at Hamad Airport, and DOH will be one of the first global airports to roll it out across all of its departures and transfers passenger screening lanes later in 2021.

Saeed Yousef Al-Sulaiti, Vice President of Security at Hamad International Airport, said: “With the passenger experience at the core of DOH operations, we are always searching for ways to elevate the passenger journey. The introduction of this advanced technology is born out of our growing partnership with the leading technology expert, Smiths Detection, and represents our shared dedication to creating and trialling technological solutions for the delivery of a seamless and secure experience at important checkpoints throughout the terminal.”

Al-Sulaiti continued: “We are proud to have harnessed the power of technology to enhance our operational excellence and passenger experience. We realise the potential of such an efficient security screening technology and look forward to delivering a truly secure and convenient screening process for all.”

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