Guernsey Airport installs first Hold Baggage Scanner

The new HBS system at Guernsey Airport, which is being installed into its final position, will remove the need for random manual searches of hold baggage by security staff.

Guernsey baggage

The first of two Hold Baggage System (HBS) scanners has arrived at Guernsey Airport (GCI) and is being installed into its final position in a dedicated area that was recently constructed in the passenger terminal. Guernsey Ports is currently making improvements to its HBS system, which will ensure compliance with the latest aviation security standards.

Guernsey Ports’ Head of Passenger Operations and Aviation Security, Steve Langlois, said: “The delivery of the first HBS scanner is a significant milestone in the project so far. Extensive testing and commissioning of the HBS scanner will now take place before passengers’ hold baggage items are processed through it. The new system will remove the need for random manual searches of hold baggage by security staff. The project team and specialist contractors are working hard to ensure that the equipment is ready ahead of the planned change in travel restrictions on 1 July 2021, despite the enforced delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Passengers travelling with Aurigny on UK flights can check-in their hold baggage items on the afternoon prior to the day of travel. Its ‘Twilight Check-in’ is open every day from 15:00 to 18:30.

Jess Mauger, PR Manager for Aurigny, said: “As customer demand and flights have increased and UK flights are now operating daily, Aurigny’s Twilight Check-In service is now open seven days a week. We would strongly recommend our passengers use this service whenever possible on applicable services if travelling with hold baggage items.”

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