Kansai International Airport installs e-gates within terminal

Kansai International Airport has installed 12 e-gates, offering a new and smoother passenger experience when entering airport security.

Kansai installs e-gates at entrance to airport security

Following Lisbon Airport, where seven automatic e-gates were installed at the start of 2020, VINCI Airports has equipped Kansai International Airport with 12 e-gates; offering a new and smoother passenger experience.

At Kansai International, travellers can now scan their boarding pass themselves to enter the airport security checkpoint area. The 12 new gates are located at the border control points of Terminal 1.

The automatic doors will make it possible to manage passenger flow more fluidly and ensure an optimal, contactless and secure travel experience.

Like the entire VINCI Airports network, Kansai International Airport is committed to transforming and improving passenger flow and experience through the development of ‘Fast Travel’.

Earlier in 2020, Kansai International Airport decided to scrap plastic-bag usage, replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives by 2020, be that paper bags or bio-based bags.

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