Winnipeg Airport’s new passenger programme enhances inclusivity

Passengers who require additional support can now sign up to receive a personalised, step-by-step tour of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport (YWG) before they fly.

Inclusivity programme at Winnipeg airport

The new Passenger Rehearsal Program at YWG is the first sustained, individualised service of its kind at any airport in Canada.

The programme aims to help all passengers feel comfortable and confident when navigating the airport procedures.

“Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) is proud to be the first airport in Canada to launch a personalised and on-going Passenger Rehearsal Program to help meet the needs of our community when travelling,” said Barry Rempel, President and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority. “This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate not only our commitment to service excellence but also to create a more accessible and inclusive airport environment for all.”

The programme is offered year-round for travellers to arrange a tailored tour close to their date of travel. Each tour can be customised to mirror one’s upcoming travel itinerary and is led by a knowledgeable airport guide. The personalised tour aims to support individuals who may require additional time or have conditions that require special consideration, for example, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Alzheimer’s disease.

“For people who may need extra support or accommodations, the opportunity to have a personalised tour of the airport and a first-hand experience is welcomed news,” said Janet Forbes, Executive Director for Inclusion Winnipeg. “Starting from their arrival at the airport and through all the steps to being in their seat and onto their destination, this experience will help to relieve the anxiety of not knowing what to expect.”

WAA is excited to build more one-on-one connections with members of the community, including family members or caregivers who register alongside a programme participant. This is an opportunity to create a more stress-free and enjoyable airport experience for all at YWG.

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