European aviation stakeholders publish letter on COVID-19

The letter, sent to European Union leaders, outlines the need for a stronger Europe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the coming recovery.

European Unoin receives COVID-19 letter

In a letter to European Union (EU) leaders ahead of a state and government video call on the subject of COVID-19, three European aviation stakeholders were among a diverse group of 23 CEOs who have called for a stronger Europe in the face of the pandemic.

The letter opened: “In order to overcome the extraordinary challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings, the European Union must show that it is more than the sum of its members. Pushed by the urgency at hand, member states have rightfully taken the lead in recent weeks, but this unfortunately leads us to a scattered landscape of measures.”

In order to limit the lasting impacts of the pandemic, the letter stated: “Recovering from the crisis, only European solutions can work, putting the Single Market as the central instrument. More than ever we need a strong Europe, where its governments, businesses and citizens show their solidarity.”

“European governments must be at the forefront, showing solidarity among each other, ensuring all member states have market access to funds needed for their recovery, and also making sure their citizens understand the added value that our common European project brings in these unprecedented and difficult times,” continued the letter.

Highlighting the significance of cargo transportation during such uncertain times, the letter highlighted: “It is vital to ensure transportation of essential goods and flow of services across our borders, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food and energy. The European Commission’s initiatives on ‘Green Lanes’ and on the free movement of workers are highly welcomed to support the functioning of the Single Market. We urge you to do your utmost to ensure that it delivers on the ground without delay.”

Concluding, the stakeholders highlighted the efforts of all those involved in combatting the continued spread of the virus: “We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who work relentlessly to reduce the spread of the virus, increasing our ability to cope with its impacts and, in particular, to those showing exceptional courage both in treating the sick and in maintaining the vital goods and services upon which we all depend to be able to succeed.”

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